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ACE Flowers Houston
1903 S. Dairy Ashford
Houston, TX 77077
Phone: (281) 558-7777
Send Flowers in a Vase!

An image can convey what thousand letters can’t and a flower can express what thousand words can’t. There are many things in life that are out of the reach of science. Flowers for instance, have always been and perhaps always will be an enigma to science. What is in them that makes a woman’s or a man’s heart miss a beat, perhaps can only be explained by the Almighty!

Flower as means of conveying emotions was in vogue since ancient times. With time, the science of flower and floral design kept changing and evolving. This evolution has been so comprehensive and extensive that a lifetime is too short to learn the different facets and aspects of floristry. While we assume flowers or the flower arrangement just has to be pleasing to the eyes, there is a lot more than what meets the eyes. The basic principle of professional floral arrangement revolves around balance, rhythm, proportion, contrast, harmony and unity. Like the appeal of flowers over human beings is universal, evolution of floral design too has been universal. Currently there are three main styles of flower arrangements viz: Eastern, European and Western. Eastern style, also called Ikebana in Japanese, uses three main line placements – earth, man and heaven. European style tries to emphasize the color and contrast, while the Western style concentrates on symmetry and horizontal and vertical style of arrangements.

There is an etiquette or protocol associated with flowers. There is no one size fits all theory. Different flowers and flower arrangements convey different meanings and are suitable for different occasions. Perhaps Valentine’s Day has associated itself with flowers like no other occasion has. You just can’t separate a long stemmed red rose or a bunch of roses from Valentine’s Day and in contrast a wreath placed on the somber of occasion of a funeral. There are select flowers and designs for different occasions such as wedding flowers, anniversary flowers, baby shower flowers, thank you flowers, birthday flowers, get well flowers, and more. The choice of flowers and arrangement speaks a volume about the giver’s taste and sensitivity. There is a flower etiquette and decorum.

Ace Flowers is one of the leading florists in Houston, Texas. The trained staff in this family owned and operated flower shop deliver beautifully arranged flowers and gift baskets for any occasion. Ace Flowers has two locations in Houston, one at Westheimer Rd and the other at Dairy Ashford. They deliver flowers to Houston and its neighboring areas as well as across the United States through a network of florists. At no extra cost Ace Flowers arranges for same day delivery of fresh flowers for those last minute requests.

 Ace Flowers also takes request for flower delivery from its website Through website, one can browse the wide range of flowers online, view different flower arrangements, select one for a particular occasion, order it and get it delivered with a personalized message. Unlike top brand flower stores that send flowers in a box, leaving the recipient to place the flowers in a vase, Ace Flowers delivers flowers beautifully arranged in a vase. Besides flower arrangements, Ace Flowers also offers plants and gift baskets for all occasions.



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