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American Pedal Car
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The Magic of Ride on Toys

The modest invention of a wheel has not only given rise to the phrase “Reinventing the wheel”, but has revolutionized the world like no other invention. While creating a whole transportation industry that runs on wheels, it has left behind an army of auto fanatics, adults and kids alike, in its wake. The thrill of riding on wheels cannot of course be written here, but is to be experienced. While, riding and racing brings out the child in an adult, the least we can expect of a child is to not behave like one.

Within the spectrum of evolution from wheel to racing cars of F1, a prominent place is held by quadracycles, also called as quadcycle pedal car or four-wheeled bicycle. Quadracycles are human powered four wheeled cycles, where the power is usually applied using pedals. What began as an earnest effort at transport has now remained as recreation and tourist rentals. Quadracycles have a fair share in industrial use also, where they are used for local delivery of goods, such as transporting spare parts and accessories within a factory complex. But, the glory of pedals cars reaches its zenith when it comes to its use as toys for children. Whether cars, powered by engine or pedals, bring out the child in an adult or an adult in a child, one can’t really say, but its effect upon those who use it is quite unmistakable.

The ride on toys such as pedals cars, battery powered ride ons, riding toys, tricycles, etc are ideal for children anywhere between the age of 1 and 10. When a simple toy car can give so much pleasure for a little kid, how she might feel if she can sit in it and actually drive it? Besides the ultimate pleasure it hands out to kids, it also complement the natural urge for activity in children. At least, it is a thousand time better than children having to sit in front of television set with a remote in hand and flip between cartoon channels.

There are a variety of ride on toys for children of all ages, including toddlers. Tricycle is perhaps one of the first toys a child gets. There is the classic pedal car, both all metal cars and the modern plastic cars in various different colors and shapes. There are pedal train engines, toy airplanes, battery powered ride ons, bumper cars etc. Ride on toys make for a perfect gift idea for children. If you are an auto enthusiast there can be nothing better than gifting a pedal car to a child. is an online ride on toy store, featuring a wide selection of pedal cars, tricycles and accessories, in a variety of types and styles. It particularly specializes in metal pedal cars, pedal car fire trucks, pedal airplanes and toddler ride ons. Besides, also showcases, plastic pedal cars, battery powered ride on toys, pedal train engines, pedal tractor toys, tricycles, die cast collectibles, kids furniture, kitchen toys, toddler pull toys, accessories and parts. Toys are shipped free to the lower 48 United States.



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