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An automobile is but a collection of disparate parts, assembled in a particular order and to exact specifications. You dismantle a car and you will have a tough time recognizing it for what it is! Just as a human body is made up of tissues and organs, automobiles are made up of different parts. If one of the organs stops working or doesn’t work to its proper order, the body doesn’t function normally and we seek the help of a physician. Thankfully, for automobiles there are replacement parts if one of its parts goes kaput!

Broadly, automobile parts are divided into three different groups: Replacement Parts, Performance Parts and Accessories.

Replacement parts are the essential parts of an automobile. If one the parts is missing or doesn’t function properly, the automobile doesn’t perform to its intended efficiency. Usually, an automobile coming out of the factory consists of these parts. Engine parts, suspension system, wheel & tires, braking system, exhaust system, drivetrain & transmission, lights, exterior & interior body, fuel delivery system, fluids, steering, cooling & climate control system etc are some of the major components of replacement parts. Without one of them, an automobile is incomplete.

Performance parts are non-core group of automobile parts that are meant to increase a vehicle’s efficiency. They are the steroids given to vehicles to perform beyond them. Majority of performance parts concern themselves with engine and surrounding parts, helping a vehicle get better fuel mileage and more power.

There are many kinds of performance parts to push up an automobile’s performance, manufactured using advanced technologies. Some of the common ones are –

Air Intake and Fuel Delivery System – Performance parts used in air intake and fuel delivery system seek to make a vehicle more responsive by increasing horsepower and throttle response. In doing so, even the mpg of the vehicle improves. Performance Air Intake Kit, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Air Filter Kit, Fuel Pump & Filter, Fuel Pressure Alarm etc are some of the examples of Air Intake and Fuel Delivery System.

Performance Fuel Ionizer - Fuel Ionizers made up of high quality Earth Magnets help improve fuel economy by about 25% by improving the overall fuel combustion.

Iridium Spark Plugs – Iridium in spark plugs has an advantage over platinum since it is eight times stronger and has a higher melting temperature. Iridium in spark plugs is long lasting and improves the vehicle’s power.

The scope of this article is too limited to even scratch the surface of performance parts, so we leave it at that.

Accessories are used to “dress up” a vehicle for aesthetics and convenience. Broadly, accessories are made for exterior and interior of a vehicle. While body cover, body protection (such as grille, bumper guard etc) hitches and trailers are some of the exterior accessories; cargo liners, cargo holders, floor mats, dash board covers, instrument panel covers etc are examples of interior accessories.

Auto Parts Network® (APN) is a one-source shopping website for all kinds of automobile parts and accessories. It features a vast selection of original equipment and aftermarket products. In its nationwide network of warehouse distribution centers, APN stocks over a thousand manufacturer brands.



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