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Carlo Scevola & Partners
14 Wall Street
New York 10005 - USA
Phone: +1.212.618.179
e-mail: info[at]
Go Global with Professional Business Consultants

The last couple of decades are witness to two very important events that have changed the landscape of the global economy. Liberalization/Globalization and advent of the Internet. Never has the global economy seen such paradigm shifts as seen in these couple of decades. The internet has revolutionized the way business is conducted and globalization meant world as a marketplace without boundaries.

Seldom have the old sayings been proven wrong and so has the saying “Though the ways of doing things might change, the basics will always remain the same”. In running a business, still one needs to take into account the aspects such as company formation, asset management, corporate structuring, tax planning etc. However, the need of the hour is a good grasp of the fundamentals of running a business, executed with the finesse of a new age technocrat. However, sadly though, one hears of so many companies “go global” without adequate planning. The result… these companies close down even before they have started!

In business, understanding the basic fundamentals of finance can spell the difference between success and failure. Money management is the fundamental skill required of any business or individual. With the vast array of strategies available these days, one needs to make a wise decision as to which is the best option in a given situation. With a little bit of planning, one can plan one’s businesses for maximum financial and tax benefits. Conducting a SWOT analysis, or a pre-investment feasibility study and competitive background assessment can go a long way in ensuring the success of a business. Again, the corporate structure one implements plays an important role in determining the success and profitability of the business.

Hedging, another important strategy in the financial environment is often poorly understood and even more poorly executed. Simply put, its basic purpose is to reduce the risk inherent in certain financial activities. If executed correctly, hedging can protect the value of an investment, thereby minimizing its downside. Sadly though, hedging is scarcely known and, often incorrectly implemented thereby leading to wasteful spending and high operating costs.

Another important thing that one needs to plan and explore to enhance profit in business is the tax optimization opportunities. However, while one looks out for increasing tax optimization opportunities, one also needs to discern between tax avoidance and tax evasion. While tax avoidance, a purely legal activity, is one that entails necessary procedures to minimize tax liabilities for a person or a business, tax evasion is an illegal activity which entails avoidance of paying taxes to the authority and accounts for a serious offence.

Carlo Scevola & Partners is an international business consultant with expertise in every functional category. From America to Europe, Africa to Asia, CS&P can put up a team of dynamic experts who know what is best for one’s business. It can provide an array of consulting talent for a business. The team at Carlo Scevola & Partners consists of experts from a wide range of disciplines namely finance, deal structuring, analysis, marketing, operations and more. It can also help a business in planning personal and corporate taxes. It provides tailor-made solutions for every client, based on individual requirements and needs. It also offers expert consultation in areas such as  bank accounts, banking licenses, gambling licenses, and yacht registration, to name a few. It can also provide expert guidance in mergers & acquisitions. Further, CS&P also possesses the expertise to help a business develop a corporate structure or trust, perfectly suited to meet the business needs.


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