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Europe EHIC Services Limited
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Easy ways to get your European Health Insurance Card
Till 2006, E111 form was valid but it is no more valid with the norms being changed and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) being the new norm. The holder of this health card gets access to all state run healthcare services across European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. This card is one of the important documents for the UK residents who may be planning to travel abroad. As per the government norms, EHIC card expires every five years and one needs to renew it for keeping the benefits on. The issuance of new card or the renewal of the existing card is not very difficult as all you have to do is fill up one simple form but the correctness of the application matters!

You can take the professional help if you want to make it simple. Check the below given eligibility criteria before you proceed for the one.

Eligibility for European Health Insurance Card
-    Residents with British, UK, Swiss, or any other EU/EEA nationality can apply for this card.
-    All other residents living in EEA and receiving UK pension can also apply for EHIC.
-    Separate EHIC is required for each member of the family, but to make it simple, one member of the family can be main applicant and he or she can mention the names of all other members in his or her form and put up the joint application for EHIC.

How to get this card?
This card is free and you can get it in following four ways:
1.    Register yourself with the government website – and fill up the form online. The form takes you through the questionnaire which has several questions about your personal details. You may enter the correct replies to these questions else your application may undergo rejection. These questions are very well placed and you may not find it that difficult to reply.
2.    If you don’t want to take the online route then you may also download the form. This form can be manually filled and then posted back to NHS address. Here you may face the issue of return of application or rejection if any of the details in the form goes wrong.
3.    Government has also setup an automated telephone service for those applying for EHIC. This can be used to reveal your details and procure the card.
4.    The fourth option is to take the professional help. Here you have to submit all your personal details and the application would be forwarded after complete checking carried out by the experts. The chances of rejection are completely nullified in this case as any of the mistakes or missing detail would be immediately taken care of. You may be required to pay nominal fees for this.

The above four easy ways to get the EHIC would secure you and your family forever. Select the right option and get your EHIC now.

Europe EHIC Services Limited is a company that cares for the individuals eligible for EHIC and hence have extended its services at nominal charges for full proof EHIC application. The team of experts rectifies any issues with the application and gets the EHIC within fastest possible time. This is fast track application option for EHIC.


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