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Ewing Buick GMC
4464 West Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: (972) 526-2670
Buick-GMC Dealership in Plano, TX

General Motors, currently the world’s largest automaker, is a collection of many vehicle brands, many of which were individual makers one time. Legendary founder of General Motors, William C. Durant’s tryst with automobile industry began when he first bought out Buick Motor Company from David Dunbar Buick in 1903. Buoyed by the success of Buick after it became the largest American auto maker, he went on a spree of acquisitions and held the acquired companies under the umbrella name, General Motors Corporation.

Buick Motor Company, founded in 1899, is the oldest active automobile brand in the United States of America. The failing company was brought back to life and made into a very successful company by William C. Durant and Buick maintained this lead in spite of subsequent acquisitions by Durant. It was second only to Cadillac in terms of ownership prestige. Buick positioned itself as an entry level and mid level luxury brand, a notch below Cadillac or the BMW. The positioning of the acquired companies to target disparate market segments was the strategy adopted by Durant, which otherwise were competing against each other. Buick marquee remained loyal to this positioning through its course of existence and so it does even to this day. Of the many innovations by Buick, closed-body design and the first ever turn signals stand out.

Lately, Buick has consolidated its lineup and concentrated only on LaCrosse luxury sedan, Regal entry level sedan, and Enclave, a luxury crossover. Verano is a new model in the offing as a compact. Buick is active in the United States, Mexico, Israel, China, Taiwan and Canada. China is now its largest market.

GMC, currently the second highest selling GM vehicle in North America, was one of the acquisitions by William C. Durant in 1909. GMC was originally founded by Max Grabowsky in 1901 as Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which developed commercial trucks. After acquisition, Rapid Motor Vehicle Company adopted the abbreviation of General Motors Corporation, while the parent company went by only GM. During its hay days, GMC Trucks carved a niche for itself in manufacturing trucks. During the Second World War, GMC produced 600,000 for the US military. With subsequent acquisitions, GMC also started offering coaches under the new name GM Truck and Coach Division. Later due to increased competition, it discontinued coach business. Presently, GMC’s lineup includes pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, and medium duty trucks.

During the consolidation drive by GM in 2005, Buick and GMC were brought together on a single platform to form Buick-GMC network. All the support resources were shared between Buick and GMC marquees with common dealerships, reducing overhead costs.

Ewing Buick GMC is a Buick-GMC dealership in Plano, TX. The full service dealership offers new models of Buick and GMC as well as used vehicles of these brands and other makes. The in-house service department and body shop ensure vehicles are kept in road-worthy condition and minor or major repairs and bodyworks are carried out. Supplies for service and repair come from the in-house parts department.



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