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Buying Used Cars from Japan Just Got Easier

What comes to your mind first, when you hear the word Japan? Automobiles?  Electronics?  Machinery? You are right if you said any of these. The technological progress made by Japan after the Second World War is unprecedented. Japan is among the leading countries in technological innovations and applications. But, it would perhaps be apt to say that it is the automobile industry that gives Japan its numero uno status, its crowning glory. “World’s largest manufacturer and exporter of automobiles" Period.

World’s leading manufacturer of automobiles is well supported by a vast network of paved roads, Japan’s main means of transportation. Being a leader that Japan is, it is home to a large number of vehicles. It naturally gives rise to a vast pool of vehicles, mainly cars, in the open market, sold as used cars. In Japan, new and used cars are relatively inexpensive and an ideal market to source your next car.

Why would anyone go for a used car?

Advantages are many –

·      First and foremost, the advantage of depreciation. As depreciation is calculated in percentage terms of current value of an automobile, depreciation of a brand new car in its first few years is the highest, in currency value. You will be paying a lot less money to a used car compared to a brand new car.

·      Enjoy the benefits and luxuries of a higher-end car for a price less than that of a lower-end new car.

·      If you are a new driver, still honing your driving skills, it may be a better idea to subject a used car to your trial-n-error and an odd dent here and there, than doing it with a brand new car.

·      It is less expensive to change your car, if you own a used car. Remember, the depreciation is the highest in the initial few years. Since you own a used car, the resale price won’t come down by as much as of a new car. That is assuming your driving experiment hasn’t left the car in not so much a good shape! So, car aficionados that get sick of driving the same car for many years will find it easier to buy and sell used cars.


While the advantages are many and the logic of buying a new car seem silly, there are factors to keep in mind too, mainly the maintenance of a used car, which generally is higher than a new car. Don’t human beings too make more rounds to the hospital as they grow old? This is where the value of being diligent while buying a used car comes into fore. If you are not an expert, take an expert’s help. If you don’t know any expert, go to a reputed dealer of used cars that ensures the quality of used cars. In general, make an honest effort to pick the good from the lot.


With access to financing a used car being easy to find, used car market is a thriving business. There are a good number of dealers, specializing in buying and selling used cars. In Japan too, there are hundreds of used car dealers and exporters, carrying their own inventory of used cars., is an aggregator of used car inventories of more than 100 used car exporters, saving you the trouble of shop-hopping or website-hopping. In one single window, provides you with access to a large pool of used cars, categorized by makers, models, price, mileage etc.



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