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Folsom Lake Toyota
12747 Folsom Blvd.
Folsom, CA 95630
Phone: (916) 355-1500
Service, the Mantra of Success

When we buy a product, we are not essentially paying for the physical product, but for the man hours spent in making that product, since the raw materials for making any product is provided free by Nature. If you equate man hours to services offered by men and women, it is the service that we pay for and a product is but a bundle of services. You put in a great deal of care and skill in rendering your service and the finished good speaks of it. When it is the sum of services that define the product quality, it is the service that is the point of differentiation from one provider and the other. You choose to buy a television from any showroom or a car from any dealer, the television set that you carry home or the car you drive down, is the same, but it is the service, both pre and post sale, that makes a world of difference.

Take for example a car dealer. There will be many car dealers for various different manufacturers in every major city. The Toyota Prius you get in dealership X is no different than the Prius you get in dealership Y. But, depending on how various little support services that come with buying a car are provided, it will make the experience of buying a car a pleasure or a nightmare.

In buying a new car, first and foremost you need an honest opinion on which is the best suitable model for your needs, given your budget. Who else, but the dealership themselves, to give this piece of advice with all their deep knowledge of the industry? A reputation gained in offering an honest and friendly advice can go a long way for the dealership in establishing its name. Having decided on a model, next comes in the finance support. A dealership may do all the necessary groundwork in putting together a vehicle loan or let the buyer fend for himself, but then, it is how they help the customer that differentiates them from others. After sales service is the most critical of all the services that a dealership offers its clients, be it the breakdown maintenance or the regular vehicle service. The less pain the buyer is left to endure, more are the chances the dealership makes a name for itself.

Pre-owned car sale is another big industry, which almost all leading dealerships will be active in. In advising the buyers on the model to consider, the quality assurance of used cars sold under its roof and after sales service are all the building blocks of a dealer’s reputation.

Folsom Lake Toyota is a Toyota dealership located in beautiful Sacramento County, California. Its new car inventory features all the leading Toyota models, ranging from the fuel efficient Toyota Camry Hybrid to the heavy-duty Toyota Tundra. The dealership also offers pre-owned cars of different makes. From the dealer’s website, one can read up on ongoing specials, request a price quote, or schedule a test drive. The dealer also features Service and Parts Center for maintenance, repair, and customization.



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