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Glacier Online High School Academy
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Get Ahead in Your Career with Online GED Alternative

During the formative years of our early lives, we go through phases of education system, primary, secondary and higher education. However, there are many of us, who cannot complete certain stages of education due to various reasons. For this purpose, American Council on Education has started a battery of tests, named General Educational Development (GED), which is an alternative to traditional high school diploma. One can take GED tests, primarily in five subjects (social studies, science, mathematics, reading and writing), completing which with minimum requisite marks, can lay claim to all the benefits one gets from completing traditional high school diploma.

GED, often wrongly called General Education Degree or General Education Diploma, gives a person the opportunities in career as employers give the same weightage to GED as they do for high school diploma. GED tests are conducted in controlled environment in local facilities. Different States have different rules governing the tests and different costs. Different editions of tests are in circulation, in order to avoid cheating by test takers. However, GED tests can’t be taken online.

While GED puts a person on path to career development and gain back all that was lost due to the lack of a diploma, the restrictive nature of GED tests puts off many candidates from taking these tests. In order to provide a GED equivalent that can be taken online, Glacier Online High School Academy ( offers Online High School Diploma, tests for which can be taken online, accredited by American Accreditation Council for Higher Education (AACHE), an independent self-accreditation agency. AACHE enforces strict educational guidelines on its accredited members and the members such as Glacier Online High School Academy are constantly monitored for compliance.

The process involved in completing Online High School Diploma with Glacier Online High School Academy is simple. One can complete the diploma while being employed and within the convenience of ones own home. Glacier Online High School Academy offers free course materials, that is entirely web-enabled and in the form of e-learning. Besides, the institute offers free practice tests, so that the candidate can hone his/her test skills. When ready to take the test, they can write test free of cost and earn their diploma. If an individual passes the test with 70% or more, he/she can apply for Graduation Package that includes Student ID Card, Wallet Diploma Card, Keychain, Free Shipping and more.

Choosing to complete the diploma with Glacier Online High School Academy comes with many benefits. Candidates do not have to worry about finishing the test in one go. They can save the login information and access codes and come back at any time to complete the test. There are some who have come back after a year to complete the test from where they last left it! One of the most unique features of Glacier Online High School Academy’s program is its lifetime verification. Candidates who have successfully completed the test can get the institute to confirm the same anytime and any number of times. This gives an added layer of transparency with potential employers who may choose to verify ones credentials.

Since High School Diploma with Glacier Online High School Academy is a completely online alternative to GED, it wouldn’t perhaps be wrong to call it as Online GED!



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