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Globe Motor Car Company
1230 Bloomfield Avenue
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: (973) 227-3600
Auto Repair – Authorized Service Station or Local Garage?

You might often find yourself asking this question when your vehicle needs some repair or you need service your car that is out of warranty; should you go to the local garage or the service department at the auto dealership. You might save a few dollars if you decide to go to the local garage. But should you opt to go to the local garage and save a few dollars in the bargain? No, and here is why –

The mechanics who work at dealer’s service department are intensively trained by the respective auto maker and are also frequently given refresher training courses to stay up-to-date. It makes them specialize in specific makes of cars or even in particular models. However, garage technicians deal with many makes and models and have no specialized training from the manufacturers. How much ever experience they might be, they can’t keep up to date with all makes and models. They may address regular and simple issues, but when the repair required is complex, it is best to go to the experts.

Most of the service departments at dealerships offer warranty on works conducted by them, including labor and parts. Of course, if the car is covered under master warranty, these repairs will be covered under it. Some garages might offer warranty on their work, but warranty provided by dealers often holds good at other dealers of the car maker’s.

Service departments at car dealers usually check for any recall by the manufacturer each time you bring your car for repair. If any recall has been issued, it will be duly handled by them. Of course, garages do not enjoy this privilege. On the other hand, most of the car manufactures stipulate that the recall repairs be handled by the authorized dealers.

If your car needs to be grounded for many days at the service department of the dealer’s, chances are you will have easy access to rental cars, since usually service department that's located on the same site as an auto dealer has a fleet of rental cars. If the time needed is short, a day or less, then most of the dealers even offer courtesy shuttle.

In more ways than one, a local garage lends few advantages, particularly when your car has broken down and there is a garage near at hand or the repair needed is simple and regular. But, whenever one can, it pays to take the car to the service department of the authorized dealer of your car. Over the long run, the effort is worth it and chances are your car might even fetch a higher resale value due to its clean service history.

Globe Motor Car Company is an authorized Mercedes-Benz Fairfield area dealer, serving Morristown, Paramus, New York, Brooklyn and nearby areas. The dealership offers new Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as used cars from different car makers. The website features vehicles currently in the inventory, helps one apply for finance, schedule a service appointment, and showcases latest dealer specials. The dealership has received the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Best of the Best Dealer Recognition Award, an award that is reserved for the top 15% of Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the nation.



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