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Miami, Florida 33179
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What You Seek in a Web Hosting Provider?

Hosting of websites is like leasing Serviced Apartments on the internet. You rent a serviced apartment or apartments for yourself, your family or your visiting employees. You pay a periodical rental depending on the size of the apartment, number of rooms, neighborhood, services offered, quality of those services, quality of food, security of the building, ease of commute from your workplace, so on and so forth. Similarly, while you take space for hosting your websites, you consider the amount of space required, number of domains that can be accommodated within the space, value-added services offered by the hosting company, quality of those services, bandwidth, uptime, security against hacking, viruses, phishing etc. If you don’t like the quality of services, you just go in search of a better host, just as you would if you were unhappy with the quality of services offered by the serviced apartment you have hired.

Web Hosting is just that you take some amount of space on the hard disk of a remote server, run by a professional, who is willing to make sure that server hardly ever shuts down. Using various internet protocols, the information saved on that hard disk is served to whoever seeks it through its own dedicated channel called a domain name. Domain name is the unique address for a website. More the number of people that look up for information stored on your website, higher will be the traffic of this information, called bandwidth.

From a simple One-to-One concept of early internet, it has evolved into many-to-many, popularly called the Web 2.0. There is a two-way flow of traffic between the server that is serving up your content and the people being served. This gives rise to a multitude of possibilities that call for advanced programming languages and platforms to run on. A server that comes pre-installed with most important of these platforms will lend easily to create more applications on them. Just as you would send mailers from your residence, you would also need to send mails from your web address to other people through email, which a hosting provider takes care of.

While the basic service provided by all the web hosting providers is more or less similar, which is housing your information in their little nests called websites, different value-added services, quality of these services and its cost, makes a world of difference. Value-added services can be in the form of customization available for different users’ different needs, number of domains that can be hosted, domain privacy protection, domain theft protection, quality of email solutions, email storage, forwarding service, quality of DNS service, softwares installed on the server, server security, uptime track record, space provided, bandwidth available, tools provided on the control panel to empower the user, and last but above all, the quality of customer service. The quality of these services, and the cost at which these services are provided, differentiates one provider from the other.

Gossimer ( is a web hosting provider with a difference. While the array of features available with Gossimer can surprise even the seasoned, the cost at which these are provided surprises even more. For instance, domain name privacy protection, which is usually charged by most of the providers, is free with Gossimer when registering a new domain name. Most of what one would look for in a domain registrar and hosting provider are provided by Gossimer, and more, at discount prices. This is one serviced apartment you might find no reason to move out of!



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