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Harvey Water Softeners
Hipley Street
Old Woking, Surrey
Phone: 01483 753 400
Soft Water for a Better Living

Water is the essence of life. When space scientists explore new planets and heavenly bodies, they first look for the presence of water. There would be no life without water. There was water on earth, so life came about. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say our quality of life depends on the quality of water. Earning any amount of money will not buy you back the health you sacrificed on account of poor water. When water means so much to us in our lives, a reading that just takes five of your valuable minutes is the least you can do.

One of the major issues with water that most of us face is its hardness. This hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. Hard water results in scaling and scum. Scaling inside the plumbing greatly reduces the efficiency of hot water heating system, which demands more energy. Increased demand on energy not just burns a hole in your pocket, but affects the environment too.

Presence of scum in water makes washing difficult and results in much less bubbles in the bath. Shortcuts to overcome these issues such as the use of powerful liquid hand soaps and chemically derived bubble bath are not friendly to our skin.

To effectively overcome the twin evils of hard water, scale and scum, softening the hard water is the only solution. Thankfully, there are a variety of water softeners available in the market, which cater to a variety of needs ranging from a small household to large industrial applications. They are relatively easy to install and maintain.

Benefits of continuous flow of soft water in your kitchen and bathroom are plenty. You can enjoy a good washing experience using mild natural soaps that are kind on the skin. You save considerable amount of money on your energy bills, while being nature friendly. There won’t be any limescale marks on the surfaces, left by hard water, needing you to clean them less frequently. The shower rose doesn’t get clogged frequently. Soft water is kind on hair and skin. Drinking soft water improves the experience as well as maintains better health. In a nut shell, water was always meant to be soft, and by softening the hard water, we are only going back to our roots.

How is a water softener able to convert hard water into soft? The process is quite simple. The process at the centre of water softening is called ion exchange and the part that is critical for this process is ion exchange resin, comprising tiny polymeric beads. In essence, when hard water passes through the softening unit, ions of magnesium and calcium swap places with sodium ions. Sodium, the basic element of common salt, is easily soluble in water, that doesn’t cause scale or scum. When all the sodium ions are exhausted in the unit, it needs to be recharged, and is done through a simple process that passes salt water through resin.

Harvey Water Softeners are one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe, with a thorough quality control and testing. The company has been established for over 35 years and refined their products specifically for use with British plumbing. Harvey Water Softeners offers a free, no-commitment demo of their products and how they soften the most stubborn hard water.



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