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Indiana Floors LLC
2650 Middle Road Suite A
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Get Floors that Talk!

Floor, the unassuming and unpretentious partner in our lives, has its very own place of significance. On it we walk, keep things, children play and infants crawl. Until a few years ago, it was merely restricted to the wall-to-wall carpets. With globalization and new age technologies, there are so many options and possibilities that we are now spoilt for choice. With an array of colors, textures and patterns to choose from, giving your home a great new makeover was never easier. The easy-to-lay, no mess floor tiles have simplified the effort involved in flooring. From drawing rooms, bathrooms to kitchens, there are great flooring ideas at your very fingertips.

Color choices, durability, price and ease of installation are important factors, when it comes to choosing the right flooring. If the floor supplier provides a Do-it-Yourself kit, it is even better, particularly so to the home improvement enthusiast. Like all things business, flooring too is a specialized trade and the provider should have expertise and experience in it.

The wide array of floors available these days puts before us the problem of many and makes the task of selection a bit tough. It is important that you collect all the relevant information before actually saying the final “Aye”. The way your interiors look finally, depend on the floor you have chosen. Not only should the flooring be aesthetically appealing, but also should serve the functions it is meant to. Bathrooms for instance, need waterproof tiles.

Home improvement and decor need attention to several aspects of designs and styles. Flooring is one important aspect that can make a major difference. The right flooring can add a new style and dimension to your home. Choosing the right tiles requires careful understanding of the overall look and the interiors. The color and texture of tiles must complement other aspects of interiors such as the wall color, furniture etc and be consistent with the overall style and mood of interiors. Before proceeding with your home improvement, it would be best to draw out the entire plan and choose the right material. Attention to detail and a good aesthetic sense would finally reflect in your home and help making a style statement. Taking advice from experts may be an idea worth considering.

Indiana Floors, LLC, is a Jeffersonville, Indiana based flooring company, offers a wide range of flooring ideas and supplies. From exotic wood and bamboo finish to laminate floors, hand scraped hardwood and swimming pool tiles; Indiana Floors offers a wide selection of flooring options, sourced from leading manufacturers. One can install floors with the help of a detailed installation video and easy-to-lay tiles.

In addition to standard flooring and tiles, Indiana Floors also offers flooring accessories and supplies. Ditra from Schluter® for instance is a polyethylene membrane, used particularly for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations, and serves as an uncoupling layer, waterproofing membrane and vapor management layer. The Kerdi Shower kit contains components required to create a maintenance-free, watertight shower assembly without a mortar bed.

Unassuming floors may be, but they hold an important place in our lives. After all, we don’t change floors the way we change our clothes. Investing a bit more time and effort on your flooring will go a long way in the way your home looks and the way you feel.



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