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Sun Super Superannuation Fund
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An Industry Super Fund in Australia

As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.
— Earl Nightingale

Retirement is an inevitable phase of life. However, life need not end with retirement. Even if there is still couple of years for one to retire, it is still never too early to start planning. Proper planning could ensure that one could still maintain the same kind of lifestyle and standard of living, even after retirement.

Today, with life expectancy having seen a sharp incline, it has become imperative that one needs to plan for retirement as it may become difficult for the Australian Government to continue providing the same level of financial aid to its retired population. Superannuation is a pension scheme introduced by the Australian Government. As per this scheme, there is a mandatory contribution from the employee's salaries and wages into a superannuation fund. The Australian Government introduced this compulsory "Superannuation Guarantee" system with the aim of addressing Australia's retirement income policies. Since its inception, employers are obligated to ensure compulsory contributions to superannuation on behalf of their employees. This fund is available to the employee after he or she retires.

It is important to choose a fund that suits one’s requirement. Sunsuper is a multi-industry superannuation fund, with members from virtually every industry and profession. With over one million members and over $13 billion in assets, Sunsuper boasts of a history of excellent returns. It works with the aim to ensure maximum returns for its members. Sunsuper is committed to taking care of its members’ needs after their retirement. Since its inception in 1987, Sunsuper has been recognized for its foresight, security, uprightness, and prescience. It functions as a “profit for members” principle and does not pay commissions to its financial advisers. It operates on low fees and charges for the services provided, thereby reducing its overheads. The recent times has seen the growth of the Australian Stock market. This has also helped the members of SunSuper a share in this growth and reap its benefits.

Sunsuper has been helping Australians provide for their financial future. It offers a range of investment options to suit different superannuation needs. The Sunsuper Personal for instance is best suited for the self-employed, or for those who are looking for an account for their spouse. The professional staff at Sunsuper organize seminars periodically to educate its members and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the market. The qualified advisors can help solve queries that a member may have, at no extra cost. Sunsuper also provides its members with the flexibility to alter their investment strategy, based on changing financial needs.

Sunsuper also offers insurance cover for its members, should an unforeseen incident take place. Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) are both covered under the insurance from Sunsuper. The amount of cover varies and is dependent on the age and gender of the member.

Sunsuper is committed to provide quality financial advice. So, if you're looking around, comparing which super fund looks best for you, invest a few moments of your time in this site.



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