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Family Investments
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Investing for Your Child's Future

Every parent has great aspirations for their children. They strive to give their children the best education possible, so that when the child grows up he/she is independent and can support himself or herself.

A Child Trust Fund (CTF) is a unique opportunity for parents to ensure a financially secure future for their children as they start their adult life. Offered by the Government, this fund is a long-term savings and investment account for children living in the UK, not subject to immigration controls.

The CTF account started on 6 April 2005. Under this scheme, the Government offers every child born on or after September 1st 2002 an initial voucher worth £250 (the amount may be higher for low income families). While the idea of free money sounds too good to be true, this is primarily done with the intention that this may encourage long-term savings. A voucher for the said amount is sent to the Child Benefit claimant. However, this amount is not available to the child until the age of 18 years. Instead, the parents need to open a CTF account with this amount. The Government hopes that this tiny sum of £250 would grow into a substantial sum by the time the child reaches the age of 18, perhaps enough to even cover tuition fees or starting a business. Further, the Government has also promised an additional one-time payment into all Child Trust Funds at the age of seven. Even more promising is the fact that the money received from the CTF account is completely tax free, i.e it is exempt from income tax and capital gains tax.

The choice of the CTF provider is of paramount importance. Just as parents want the best of everything for their children; it is also important to select one of the premier CTF providers for child’s future. Family Investments is a mutual organization with over 30 years experience in providing investments for families. It is managed by some of the premier fund managers and has over 500,000 accounts.

There are different kinds of CTF accounts available. Some of them are Stakeholder Accounts, Savings Accounts, and Equity Accounts. Each of these accounts has different features as well as risk factors. The Family Investments CTF is a stakeholder Child Trust Fund that invests in shares.

Family Investments understands the importance of a secure financial future for your child. Family Investments, along with parents as partners, works hard towards achieving this goal. Professionalism, respect, and customer focus are some of the core values that Family Investments stands for. Family Investments also provides top-up options, enabling parents to invest up to £1,200 a year. It provides several ways to top-up a CTF account. It also allows options to set up either a regular or one-off Direct Debit for this purpose. Family Investments also offers several exciting gifts and offers to those who enrol for regular Direct Debit when applying online. The online calculator featured in the website allows one to calculate the amount one would need to invest on a monthly basis, based on the final sum desired.

Smooth passage into adulthood, with secure future and opportunities, has so far been the privilege of the wealthy. Now, every child can look forward to a better future. This is a way of inculcating the habit of saving early in one’s life and offsetting risks of the future. With government being an active stakeholder in this initiative, every parent can now hope for a better future for their children.



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