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Nine Dealerships, One Website

It all started with the invention of a wheel as early as 5th millennium BC. People set in motion, from horse drawn carriages to bicycles to steam powered locomotives to Internal Combustion engine powered automobiles. People experimented with a variety of enclosures around those wheels and better means of energy to move the wheels. The story still continues, albeit at a different level and with better technologies at disposal. The wheels continue to run faster, the enclosures keep getting more stylish and energy more efficient. So much so that, the business of turning the wheels and creating means for people to travel from one place to another has become the pulse of an economy. An industry, collectively called the automotive industry, which employs millions of people, generates billions of revenue and creates scores of fans.

Many companies have attempted the business of manufacturing automobiles. Few met with success and few vanished into the oblivion. Like in all spears of life, survival of the best prevailed. The winners of the game identified an area that they were strongest and appealed to their target audience. A Mercedes-Benz that excelled the engineering, a Honda that trod the reliability path or a Lamborghini that wooed the rich and famous. These companies set up dealers in different cities, who would sell their cars to customers. With the advent of the internet, these dealers added a virtual dimension to their brick-mortar presence. The website became their window on the internet that did everything from showcasing their wares to giving a quote to scheduling an appointment. With the advancing technology, the automotive manufacturers and their dealers continue to be its early adopters.

Internet has revolutionized this industry like no other technology innovation has done before. Unheard of applications are put into use. The user-submitted reviews that give first-hand experience of a car, have made automobile manufacturers all the more responsible in everything that they do and made dealers give their best service, lest they get negative reviews about them. There are portals that facilitate the second-hand car market, by listing pre-owned cars for sale and providing seamless experience from listing through sale. Discussion forums provide a platform for people to discuss every aspect of a vehicle threadbare. New applications continue to be invented and future direction lies with hand-held devices.

LAcarGuy .com is a leading automotive resource in Southern California. helps people research, find and purchase a car. It features inventories of 9 dealerships at one easy-to-use website, including dealers of Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Scion, Audi, Volkswagen, Audi and Fisker Automotive. The website directs people to appropriate sections of different dealers for various tasks such as buying a new or pre-owned car, vehicle service, parts and accessories, car loans and special offers. The website features a blog (, videos, user reviews, gateways to social media such as Twitter, details about upcoming events and a free trade-in appraisal of a used vehicle in 3 easy steps. In case one doesn’t find a car of his/her choice, gets it for them. The family run business with over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, brings a rich repertoire of expertise at the disposal of buyers and sellers of automobiles.



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