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Mercedes Benz of Escondido
1101 West Ninth Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: (800) 741-9945
From Brick & Mortar to Brick & Click – Transformation of Automobile Dealerships

There is Fundamental Research and then there is Application Development. Scientists and scientific communities come out with new inventions and discoveries in the field science, without being bothered with how or where will these inventions be applied. Engineers will then use these research findings to develop something that will be useful in our everyday life. This process has been going on since many centuries and will continue to go on. Michael Faraday discovered the property of Electromagnetic Induction and how it has transformed the world, we are only witness to.

The biggest invention by far in our recent times is the Internet. A seemingly modest concept of connecting world’s disparate computing devices has created infinite amount of possibilities. Brick and Mortar establishments converted into Brick and Click entities. The ones resistant to change have fallen by the wayside.

Like most other industry niches, the pure brick and mortar concept of an automobile dealership underwent a brick and click transformation to the amazement of many that “how will a car dealer benefit from going online?”, for one wouldn’t swipe a credit card and order home delivery of a Toyota Corolla for instance. Well, opportunities are many, even for a traditional automobile dealership, only if they know where to look.

For one, it would be extremely difficult for a prospective buyer to dealer-hop than website-hop. When the buyers are only too keen to know as much about a dealership from the internet, before they even set foot outside, dealerships have no option but to have an online presence and be seen. Having an online presence, a dealership can make use of that presence towards many diverse ends. A dealership’s portal can be used to give the exact location of where they are located. Dealer can feature all the cars in their inventory, so that it helps the buyer to know beforehand what is in store. Buying a car is not a simple task that involves just the exchange of money and goods. There are many support services that form pre and post sales services. It helps to know in advance how much support to expect from the dealer in matters of advice on the right make/model to buy, help in arranging finances, any special deals offered, vehicle service facilities, availability of parts and accessories at the dealer’s location, etc. All these details and information on what makes this dealer different compared to the other across the city. In today’s age of Wisdom of Crowds literally being used on the internet with the advent of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, a social media enabled dealership site acts as a pivot for people to share information with their friends and followers.

Mercedes-Benz of Escondido is a leading new and used dealership in San Diego County, serving Escondido, San Diego, Carlsbad and La Jolla areas in California. The dealership features its inventory online, ranging from the elegant Mercedes-Benz E-Class, to the high-performance Mercedes SLK. The website also features its special offers on new and pre-owned vehicles. Along with a state of the art of service and repairs facility, large inventory of genuine auto parts &  accessories, and finance assistance, Mercedes-Benz of Escondido is truly is a one-stop shop for all that is Mercedes-Benz.



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