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Miller Honda Van Nuys
5355 Van Nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Phone: (800) 980-5028
What Makes an Automobile Dealer Click?

Exchange of goods in return for an appropriate price has been going on for centuries. What was a system of barter in ancient times has now been replaced by paper currency, for all practical purposes. Responsibilities of the seller were deemed over once the product exchanged hands. This seemingly simple act of trade has no more remained as simple, but the relationship continues even after money has changed hands.

Competition breeds innovations, innovations then become a norm and on many occasion such norms get regulated by the state. This cycle repeats in a game of one-upmanship among the competitors. Now, we have reached such sophistication as to a seller is responsible for the dissemination of information before the sale is made and continues to be responsible even after the sale is made. Higher the value of product on sale, bigger are the responsibilities. One such big ticket product is a car, the second most expensive item one buys in his lifetime after home.

Cars are sold through individual dealerships. Ensuring a healthy competition, every major town has more than one dealer. While, many of the functions discharged by a dealer are monitored by the manufacturer, some are volunteered by the dealer borne out of this competition. For any dealer to be successful such a competitive space, there are few functions that matter the most, that is, apart from the core knowledge of the trade of course.

Vehicle Service and Repair – Preventive measure is always preferred over corrective measures, but more so in case of a car! Service facility available with the dealership, the quality of personnel, accessibility to the service facility, are all crucial from the point of view of a buyer.

Financing – Increasingly, buyers are becoming dependant on the dealership in arranging for necessary credits to buy a car. Dealers by their virtue of serving many clients can get a better bargain from creditors than the individual in his/her personal capacity. It is a win-win function that helps both the parties in ensuring that a sale is made.

Availability of parts and accessories is one such thing that a buyer wanted it yesterday! A reputed dealership is expected to have a decent inventory complete with all the necessary parts and accessories that are available when required.

Last, but never the least, is dealer specials. Today, most of the reputed dealers score nearly similar marks in the above factors, but what sets them apart is dealer specials. Each customer would like to think himself unique and it is in the dealer’s interests to treat him such. Some freebies or discounts makes a customer think they got a good deal out the dealer and may even recommend the dealer to his/hers friends and relatives.

Miller Honda Van Nuys is a Los Angeles County Honda dealership, serving the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles, including Van Nuys, Valencia, Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Monica, Alhambra, North Hollywood, and Woodland Hills areas. The dealership offers new Honda vehicles as well as pre-owned cars of all makes.



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