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Be a Trader, Not a Gambler

In the market, there are Traders and Gamblers. About 80% of the speculators make losses (gamblers) and these losses are the profits of 20% of speculators (Traders). If you just try to get lucky and speculate, then you are but gambling. Other hand, if you follow a strict trading discipline and follow the basic fundamental and technical analysis and trade knowing what you are doing, then you are trading. It is then not a rocket science to know if you want to be a trader or a gambler.

Everyone is an expert when explaining things in hindsight. Is it the same while forecasting? To be a successful trader, it is very important to know well in advance, how the market will move. If you aspire to become a successful trader, is astrology the only option to forecast this movement? Well, it is neither possible nor required for one to master the knowledge and learn complex calculations involved in fundamental and technical analysis, the cornerstones of intelligent investment and trading, for there are systems in the market that have done the toil for you and have come up with easy to understand rules of trading and simple charts and graphs. Using them and cultivating a strict investment and trading discipline, you can, with a little experience call yourself a trader.

PageTrader Ltd has been in the business of forecasting the future trends of markets in real time, since 2000. It is a one-stop service provider that also provides reports on future trends in commodities such as corn, soybean, silver, gold, natural gas to active investors, brokers and traders worldwide. Unlike some similar systems in the market, PageTrader does not require one to download complicated software. The products from PageTrader work on the web browser along with Macromedia Flash, already installed on one’s computer. This gives the flexibility to access the user account from any computer, anywhere in the world.  Help is available 24/7, with detailed documents explaining how to use a particular product. All the products and services from PageTrader are compatible with all browsers and operating systems, making it more user-friendly. And one can use PageTrader with any other trading programs. For first time investors, PageTrader delivers market information in plain and simple English. There is no technical jargon used, making it easy for even a novice to understand and decipher.

PageTrader offers various products designed to meet individual requirements. The S&P Messenger PRO for instance is designed to delivers live, intraday buy /sell signals. It also provides all necessary information to enable one to successfully trade either for short-term or longer-term. SoyBean Messenger is a revolutionary product that delivers weekly forecasts, trades, Support & Resistance Numbers, all in one’s mailbox. It guides the users through each trade detailed in the SoyBean Messenger's Weekly Report. This product also keeps users updated on current market conditions. The Turning Point Calendar is a tool that informs users about the exact date of the next market top or bottom and boasts of an accuracy of +/- 1 day.

Like any other aspects of life, even in trading too, discipline is crucial to success. There is no system in the world that makes you rich while you are sleeping. If you have the will, time and discipline, this system can work like a magic and makes others look at you in awe.


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