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Phoenix Windshield Replacement
Phoenix Windshield Replacement

Damaged windshield may affect your car’s exteriors by giving it unpleasant looks, but more than that it is major safety concern. Driving the car with chipped windshield is not recommended as auto experts believe that it will pose risk for you as a driver, co-passengers, and also for the other vehicles around. The chances of accident increase considerably when you drive your car with chipped windshield and that is because of poor visibility. Already cracked windshield will break into pieces even due to wind pressure exerted when your car is speeding. Here is your windshield repair and replacement guide that will keep you protected against any unwanted incidents.

Know Your Windshield

Before you know more about the type of damage that your car windshield has undergone and the probable remedies, it is important that you know your windshield. Windshield is manufactured from two sheets of transparent glass. The strength of the windshield is achieved by gluing both the transparent glass sheets together with vinyl resin. The vinyl resin works as the safety layer and holds the glass sheets in place even when it meets with large impact due to accident. The glass won’t shatter after clash, hence it would keep the driver and front seat passenger safe.

Chipped and Cracked Windshield

Not all damages call for replacement and that will stand true even for the car windshield. The chipped and cracked windshield can be repaired if the damage is not major. The replacement of the windshield is required when the safety layer of vinyl resin is also cracked. The damaged safety layer would bring down the strength of the windshield and may also end up shattering the glass on small external impact. The vision is negatively affected if the crack is wide and deep. The light would be reflected into the driver’s eyes due to weakened safety layer. This may be the main cause of accident.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Whether you windshield requires repairs or replacement, you will have to seek professional help to get it done. The replacement of the windshield is not very time consuming process but it surely requires specific set of tools and skills to achieve desired results. The rubberized weather strip holding the windshield in place may be replaced along with windshield to fix it properly. After replacing the rubber strip, glue is applied with professional tools and then windshield is placed to get the factory like finish and strength. This can be done in the workshop or even at your doorsteps depending on the kind of service provider you have selected. The replacement at your doorsteps would offer following advantages.

-          Safety as you don’t have to drive down the damaged car to the workshop.

-          Saves your time.

-          Cost effective.

-          Quality assurance.

Your car windshield is the most critical part of your car and is also most susceptible to damage. Don’t ignore even a single crack as it is your protective shield.

Pheonix Windshield Replacement is your mobile auto glass repair and replacement solution. The company offers windshield replacement service for all car models at your doorstep. You can book an appointment to get the work done at home or office as their experts are ready with their skills and tools to offer utmost convenience and safety.



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