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Quality Toyota
1700 West 6th Street
Corona, CA 92882
Phone: (866) 768-0899
Be an Informed Buyer of a Car

It is a dog-eat-dog world we are getting into. Everyone trying to maximize his own benefit. Limited resources and many pockets to fill. Materialistic lifestyle has meant that money is God as well as religion. Like in all spheres of life, buying a car too has become an art form, lest you don’t mind falling for the sweet talking salesman.

In what one would assume to be an organized and sophisticated industry, car dealerships are increasingly becoming popular for scams and frauds, taking the innocent customer for a royal ride. Unless you are sufficiently armed with knowledge and information, you will become an easy prey for the unscrupulous salesman. Mind you, not all are like that. But it is better to be sure than sorry and arm yourself with that basic minimum information.

Research – Internet comes in handy here. Research various auto portals, discussion forums, ask your friends and colleagues and decide on a model that best fits your budget and need. Stop believing that the salesman has your interests at heart and suggest you the right model. In all likelihood, he will suggest the one that gives him the maximum margin.

Negotiate with Confidence – Remember, you are the buyer and the one with the buying power. Negotiate from a price that is lower than the price you are willing to pay. If you haven’t made your homework, that shows and the salesman may take advantage of it. If you look like an easy target, you will be an easy target.

Don’t Fall for Buy Today to Get a Discount Gimmick – Salespeople are given formal and informal training on how to close a deal. They are told during the training not to give much time for a customer to decide. If he goes home and sleeps over his decision, he may not return. Cut a deal today, right now.

Know Which Accessories you Need – One of the tricks in the bags of car dealerships is to give you a great deal and make up for it in selling accessories at an inflated price or accessories you may not need. Be sure about the accessories you need.

Take a Friend Along – Remember, two heads are better than one. It may be easier for a salesman to sweet talk an individual into buying a car, but you will switch sides if you have a friend by your side. Things that you might overlook, your friend may notice.

Play Your Last Dice, Offer a Deal to the Salesman – After you are through the price negotiation to your satisfaction, ask for a free accessory and that you are ready to book the car today. It is then a question of a sale or an accessory to the salesman. Many instances, dealers opt for a sale.

Quality Toyota is a Toyota dealer of new and used cars in Corona, California. This full service dealership offers new and used Toyota cars, parts and accessories, provides car maintenance and service and also arranges for car finance. The website features all the models available in their inventory with indicating pricing. Also information about the current deals and specials are provided in the website.



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