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Raceway Ford
5900 Sycamore Canyon Blvd.
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: (800) 218-7885
Father of Mass Production – Henry Ford

People who create vast wealth become celebrities and those who create wealth as well as bring about change in one’s everyday life become legends. Henry Ford is one such legend who has left a permanent mark in this world. His name became so popular that it went generic in Fordism. A darling of every management and engineering student, and also a hero of industrial workers.

Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947), is credited with inventing the assembly line technique of mass production. The concept of mass production greatly increased production efficiency, end product quality, while bringing down the cost of manufacturing. This ultra popular mode of manufacturing resulted in it being called Fordism. It significantly increased wages of workers. Ford’s perseverance for systemically reducing the cost of production resulted in many technical and business innovations. It also resulted in a franchise system that put in place a dealership in every major city in the United States as well as in many other countries.

Ford Motor Company was established in the year 1903. Investors of the company included Henry Ford, Malcomson, the Dodge brothers, John S. Gray, Horace Rackham, and James Couzens. Ford gave a demonstration in a newly designed car, which was later named “999”, setting a speed record of 91 miles per hour. Race driver, Barney Oldfield, popularized Ford as a brand name, by driving the 999 car all around the country.

Model T, launched by Ford in 1908, is arguably not just most popular Ford car, but most popular of all cars. It was so popular that by 1918, Model T constituted half of all the cars in the United States. Ford’s everlasting penchant for efficiency and cost reduction ensured cost of Model T reduced year after year, while its sales skyrocketed. Model T’s were predominantly painted in black, due to their quick drying time. Ford had famously said in his autobiography, "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black". By the end of its life in 1927, 15,007,034 Model T’s had been produced.

Ford’s contribution to the aviation industry was significant. Ford started Ford Airplane Company during the First World War, building Liberty engines. The mass production capability of Ford helped the Allied Forces win a strategic war in the air. The B-24 Liberator bomber, mass produced by Ford, still remains as the most-produced Allied bomber in history.

Ford bid farewell to the world in the year 1947, dying of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 83. Before his death, in ill health, Ford had passed on the baton to his grandson Henry Ford II. Today, the famous Henry Ford Museum, stands as testimony to the most fruitful life led by one the most prominent change agents of human history.

Raceway Ford is a Ford Riverside Area dealer, serving the Norco, Moreno Valley, Corona, Ontario, Fontana, San Bernardino, Upland, Chino and other nearby areas in California state.



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