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Selma Nissan
2525 Highland Ave.
Selma, CA 93662
Phone: (559) 891-2702
Stop Car Hijacking with LoJack!

Vehicle theft is a multi-billion dollar industry or loss, depending on which side of the door you are! Well, a multibillion dollar loss to the nation. A car is stolen approximately every 32 seconds in the United States alone, which translates to about a million cars stolen in one year! The reward to risk ratio is quite high that it attracts many delinquents to vehicle theft. These criminals work in tandem with other members of sophisticated crime ring, with seamless transition from stealing a vehicle to disposing it off. These gangs are quite technology savvy that pooh poohs the silly locks and aren’t even deterred by the security alarm system. The only credible security system that they haven’t mastered yet is a LoJack.

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a vehicle tracking system that aids the police force in locating and identifying the stolen vehicle. LoJack is meant to be an antonym of Hijack. A radio transceiver is at the heart of the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. It is a device that sends out radio signals. The location of the transceiver is different in different cars. The transceiver serial number and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are registered in a centralized LoJack database. LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System interfaces with the national crime information system (In case of the United States, it is National Crime Information Center (NCIC)).

Once a car is stolen and the fact is reported to the police by the car owner and subsequently the case is registered by the police including the VIN, it is automatically processed by LoJack. It results in a command to the radio transceiver fitted on the stolen car to send out radio signals. These signals can be received by the police cars within two to three mile radius. Usually all the police cars are equipped with tracking units. The signals direct the police in the direction of the stolen vehicle.

These days, criminals have gotten smarter and try to dismantle the car even before the owner realizes his/her car is stolen. To overcome this, upgraded LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System alerts the owner as soon as his/her car is moved. But the owner has to be careful where he/she parks the car, for it might be towed away and the device alerts a theft!

LoJack offers money back guarantee if a stolen car fitted with it could not be traced within 24 hours. It claims over 90% success rate. Insurance companies even offer a discount in premium for vehicles fitted with LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

Selma Nissan is a Selma, CA (Near Fresno), based dealership of new Nissan vehicles and used cars of different makes. The dealership is an approved dealer of LoJack products. Selma Nissan features an on-site service department equipped with modern equipment and tools. It employs expert and certified technicians to attend to the cars. The parts department supplies genuine Nissan approved parts and accessories. It also helps customers avail suitable finance through its dedicated finance department.



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