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Thayer Nissan
18039 Dixie Highway
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: (800) 799-2125
Nissan Toledo County Dealer

For the uninitiated, Reliability and Performance, define a Nissan vehicle in two simple yet critical words. For the seasoned, well, the list is endless, ranging from the all-encompassing words such as Quality to the particulars such as edgy styling, strong V6 engines, cool air conditioning, tough cars, reasonable price, sporty look, and so on. Nissan, earlier Datsun, has brought in a new aspect to the business of automaking, through its creative styling, powerful engines and tough built.

The Nissan Altima is one of few family sedans that appeals to both the family segment as well as the auto enthusiast, with its traditional styling, pleasant interior, ample power and sporty handling. The Altima series is on sale since 1995 and is currently in its 4th generation, latest being introduced in the year 2007.It also has a Coupe version.

Nissan Murano is the first crossover SUV to come out Nissan stable in the United States. It combines the driving attributes of a car and the versatility of an SUV. It has spacious interiors with enough space for passengers and cargo and is powered by the famous 3.5-liter V6 engine. Currently in its second generation, the Nissan Murano in the United States offers three trim-levels. All in all, the Murano is appreciated for its classy appearance, comfortable interior and peppy handling characteristics.

The entry level compact car from Nissan, Sentra, combines economy pricing with high fuel efficiency and low upkeep costs. First introduced in the year 1982, the Nissan Sentra is currently in its sixth generation. The introduction of the 2-door Sentra SE-R version  in the year 1991 was a huge hit among enthusiasts with a tight budget. In the current avatar, Nissan Sentra is available in five trim levels.

The sturdy, powerful and roomy seven-passenger mid-sized SUV, The Nissan Pathfinder, has always had a steady run, never making great headlines for the better or the worse, but always delivering.  Complete with all the attributes that define a Nissan, this performer has all that one looks for in an SUV, power, off-roading ability, performance, ride, space, built and more. Still, it is compact enough to fit into any standard garage space. It is among the few SUVs to switch back to the truck-based body-on-frame setup from unibody construction. Search for a classic SUV is never complete, without a look at the Pathfinder.

The history of Nissan is so vast, the spirit of innovation so strong and product portfolio so wide, that a single article can never do justice introducing various models of Nissan. Be it the boxy mini MPV Nissan Cube, the full sized SUV Armada or the agile, solidly engineered compact crossover SUV Rogue, they all have a character of their own and many USPs on offer.

Thayer Nissan is a family owned and operated Nissan dealer, located in Bowling Green, Ohio. The dealership is in close proximity to Tontogany, Cloverdale and Portage and only 30 miles from Toledo. The dealership offers both new as well as pre-owned Nissan vehicles and also helps customers zero in on the right vehicle for their needs. Vehicle financing support is also provided by the dealer. Dealer’s website updates the customers with latest Nissan models, vehicles available in their inventory, current sales promotions on offer etc. Along with sales, the dealership also provides vehicle maintenance service as well as parts and accessories.



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