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Thayer Toyota
1225 North Main St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: (800) 799-2118
Fax: (419) 352-0460
The Way to Follow – The Toyota Way

Superficially, it is quite amazing to see how a company of such massive scale of operations can consistently keep up its high level of quality and excellence in manufacturing. Only if you knew The Toyota Way, which is based on four core principles, you would not be so amazed. They say elephants move slow. But not Toyota Motor Corporation. It is this strict adherence to the core principles that makes Toyota what it is today, world’s largest automaker.

Toyota has many firsts to its credit. The legendary Toyota Production System (TPS) has given rise to many a new innovations and best practices in manufacturing and production technology. Toyota Production System is an integrated socio-technical system, comprising of Toyota’s management philosophy and practices. It organizes manufacturing and logistics processes, including interaction with suppliers and customers. Systems such as Lean Manufacturing and Just In Time Production are borne out of Toyota Production System.

Lean manufacturing or lean production is a production principle that works on a simple yet effective concept. It considers any process that doesn’t create value to the customer to be wasteful, thus a target for elimination. Applying this principle will usher in an environment that creates more value to the customer with less work, thus less cost. It is believed to be one of the main drivers behind Toyota’s phenomenal growth.

Just In Time Production (JIT) is an inventory strategy that seeks to reduce in-process inventory and improve a business’s Return-on-Investment (RoI), by reducing inventory carrying costs. To achieve a high level of efficiency in meeting production demands while maintaining a low level of inventory, this concept depends on signals (or Kanban in Japanese) between different points in the process. These signals tell the production system when to make the next part. JIT strategy is found to dramatically increase an organization’s Return-on-Investment. It finds chapters dedicated to it in many professional and academic courses.

Such innovations and best practices from the house of Toyota not only benefited its own cause, but revolutionized the entire manufacturing industry. The Toyota Way was the way to follow. It is but only to be expected of the leader to create such products that are revered and respected world over. Be it one of the most popular cars ever to be sold, Toyota Corolla, the largest sold hybrid car Toyota Prius or the pioneer in crossover sport-utility vehicle, Toyota Highlander, they all personify what Toyota stands for – quality and excellence in engineering and design.

Thayer Toyota is a family owned and operated Toyota dealer, located in Bowling Green, Ohio. The dealership is in close proximity to Tontogany, Cloverdale and Portage and only 30 miles from Toledo. The dealership offers both new as well as pre-owned Toyota vehicles and also helps customers zero in on the right vehicle for their needs. Vehicle financing support is also provided by the dealer. Dealer’s website updates the customers with latest Toyota models, vehicles available in their inventory, current sales promotions on offer etc. Along with sales, the dealership also provides vehicle maintenance service as well as parts and accessories.



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