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The Sweet Escape
11207 Guilford Road
Clermont, FL 34715
Phone: 1-800-792-0447
Let Lose Yourself in The Sweet Escape

Man is born innocent with a clean slate. His developing years are spent learning how to behave in a society, the approved behavior. No matter what emotions are running through ones heart, we are told not to display them publicly. An outburst of emotion, even when not harmful to others, is frowned upon. The virtue lies in keeping a straight face and a stiff upper lip.

But within, in the recesses of our heart, we are not what we seem to be. We are a bundle of emotions, of love, hatred, affection, envy, and such like. One might like to behave like a child, but can only indulge that when alone. Only when we are jolted out of stupor, do we display our true innermost feelings on our face. It calls for exceptional conditions for this exceptional display of emotions. It can be extreme joy or a disaster. We know ones true mettle in adverse conditions. But isn’t it rather unfortunate to wait for a disaster to happen to display ones emotions, if we can create a conditions for euphoria?

People living in a family can remain strangers to each other, without being aware of that fact, until a situation so arises that jolts them out of their set pattern of living. A couple might have a different opinion about each other until they share an adverse situation. Coworkers in an organization, who otherwise are very formal to each other, might behave in rather unexpected ways in a crisis. In situations that are out of the ordinary, we rediscover ourselves. Perhaps that is the reason why, family reunions, corporate retreats, romantic getaways, etc are ways not just to indulge in the moment, but to know your partner or coworkers more intimately.

You need a setting for an outing. It could be an amusement park, a hill station, a resort, or by a flowing river in a jungle. What it cannot be or rather should not be is a condition that is much similar to your own dwelling. The setting should be amenable to create opportunities that call for you to behave not in your established ways. It might bring out the child in an adult or the maturity in a child. It could just be a place much similar to The Sweet Escape.

The Sweet Escape ( is a luxurious 10 bedroom, 5 acre private paradise. It is an ideal vacation home near the happening, capital of theme parks, Orlando, Florida. With over 8,000 square foot of Sweet Escape Mansion, there is space for everyone. It forms an ideal backdrop for a much anticipated family vacation or a romantic getaway or a corporate get-together.

The amenities there are many and diverse. It has the world’s only ice cream cone shaped swimming pool and a Hershey chocolate slide. There are 10 bedrooms, 2 spacious kitchens, 3 living rooms, indoor as well as outdoor poolside movie theaters, many porches and decks. There is an over 1,200 square foot night club with karaoke and several commercial video game machines. For tiny tots, there is a lollipop room that has countless colorful balls, a "lollipop stick quest," and other interactive entertainment. For couples indulging in their romantic getaway, there is a couples-themed Hershey's chocolate room, with a luxury massage chair and relaxing ambiance. Besides there are outdoor activities such as billiards, a candy themed mini golf course, volleyball, tetherball, giant checkers & chess, grilling station and many more. And for the hungry mouths there is pool area dining, which can accommodate more than 30 people. Amenities aside, the vacation home management offers value-add services such as on-site massage, private chef, and personal training. It can also double up as a great wedding venue. If there is any place that can let you lose yourself, it is this.



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