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Timberzone Wood Flooring
91 Ballards Lane
Finchley N3 1XY
Phone: 020 8346 0968
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Engineered Wood Flooring, Best of Both Worlds - Quality and Cost

Flooring is an element of a house that adds character to the space inconspicuously. We often do not particularly notice it, but feel the difference it makes to the ambience. There are a variety of flooring for different needs, circumstances, budgets and locations.

Of all types of floorings, wood flooring is perhaps the most popular. Wood flooring, while being classy and elegant, adds warmth to the house. It remains cool in hot summers and warm in cold winters. It is the closest to the nature we can get, while being confined within four walls.

Wood floors are of mainly two types, solid wood or solid plank floors, also called hardwood floors and engineered wood floors. While solid wood floors have been in use for a long time, engineered wood floors are relatively new.

Let’s first understand hardwood flooring briefly. They are made of solid planks of a variety of woods. They are cut into shape and treated to withstand wear and tear and laid as solid planks on the floor. They come in different grades and grain patterns. Cost depends on the wood used and the grain pattern consistency.

Oak is one the most commonly used wood for solid wood flooring. Oak is hard and resistant to dents. It has a pronounced grain pattern, which may not be appealing to some that look for subtleness. Red Oak among many Oak species is the most widely used. Ash wood is another hardwood that is used for making solid wood flooring. It is perhaps the hardest of all, holding up extremely well against dents and scratches. You may get an idea how hard ash wood is, if you knew baseball bats are made of it. Pine wood is a soft wood, not suitable if they are expected to hold up against a lot of wear and tear. But it is the original character wood, bringing its own style statement. In recent times, Bamboo is being used to lay wood floor. Its sustainability is one of the major drivers of its use. Other types of wood used are cherry, maple, walnut etc.

In recent times, engineered wood floors have come into vogue. They are less expensive as compared to solid wood floors, easy to install and are stable. Though engineered wood floors are not solid pieces of wood, but only the top veneer is, even a trained pair of eyes will have a difficult time telling between the two. Engineered wood floor can be installed almost anywhere, even on moist surfaces. They are environmentally sustainable.

The stability and moisture resistance come from the way they are built. Engineered wood thickness varies approximately between 1cm and 2cm. The top layer is made of a veneer of the desired wood, the layers beneath it are made of plywood and unfinished white wood. There can be anywhere between 3 and 12 layers of them, depending on the desired thickness. Since the thickness can be easily managed, engineered floors easily lend themselves to transition. If the veneer top layer is between 1mm and 2mm thickness, they can be refinished to give them a newer look.

Timberzone is a London, UK based business, specialising in importing, distributing and installing engineered wood flooring. Timberzone designs and manufactures original and reproduction parquet, panel and plank flooring in a variety of wood species. In association with architects and designers, Timberzone creates custom designed and finished flooring for inspired new and old homes, restaurant, bars and hotels.

Timberzone follows the traditional French method for their French Versailles parquet floors. The elements are combined with tongue and groove with no adhesive, similar real parquets that appeared in France in the XVII century.



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