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Many Uses of Window Films

Did we ever look back and wondered how useful invention of glasses has been to us? Glasses are the walls that prevent everything but light. With all the utilities this property of glass lends, there are some limitations too. A transparent glass discloses everything within it to people outside. It lets harmful UV and Infrared lights pass through. It causes the space inside it to heat up, since sunlight passes through it freely. Can we address all these issues while not defeating the basic purpose of a glass?

Heat rejection films make it possible. These are tinted films applied to a glass to reduce the amount of ultra violet rays, infrared rays and visible light passing though it. Besides heat rejection, there are several other uses to window films, such as decorative, privacy, and security. Wherever glasses are used, heat rejection films play a role, but they are most popularly used as car window tints, residential window films and security films in commercial establishments.

Film applied to a glass converts solar radiation into infrared radiation and rejects it through the glass. When excess heat is sought to be prevented in hot conditions, the film is applied to the exterior surface and when heat is to be held within a space in a cold climate, film is applied on the inside. Though tinted glass costs about 15% more than a plain glass, energy savings from it can be as much as 50%. Air conditioners need to run less intensely and space heaters can be used less often.

There are many occasions when one-way visibility is desired, such as in a car. Privacy films used in such cases offer better visibility from the darker side and low to no visibility from brighter side. Privacy films applied on car windows help reduce theft as a person on the outside can’t see the valuables kept inside a car. However, car window tinting is regulated by law and varies from state to state.

Security films are used in places where a structure is prone to damages from natural or man-made causes. Security glass can prevent glasses from breaking into glass shards or may even render them unbreakable. Security films are typically used in commercial applications. They are made of heavy-gauge plastic and are much thicker than ordinary films.

Tint World® is an automotive styling service provider, offering window tinting, auto detailing, mobile electronics, audio and video systems, alarms, accessories, auto reconditioning, custom wheels, paint protection films and related services. Besides automotive styling, Tint World also offers marine styling services, residential window film services, and commercial window film services. In marine styling services, Tint World provides marine window tinting, detailing services, marine electronics, marine wraps and graphics. As part of residential window film services, Tint World provides solar control window films, window security film, security window anchors and installation services. Office security window films, anti-graffiti film and coatings, graphic window decals and installation services are provided under commercial window film services.

Tint World has franchises across the United States with several new stores coming up, making it one of the leading providers of computerized window tinting and security film services.



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