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Stylish Ink Stationery Products
Elisabeth Holowchuk, 7 Morning Dove Court
Hackettstown, New Jersey, 07840
Touch Hearts with Customized Greeting Cards and Writing Papers

The advent of the internet today has shrunk the world into a smaller, more accessible domain. The internet has completely revolutionized the way people communicate in today’s fast-paced life. Today, email has become the prominent means of communication. Most people prefer to write a quick mail to exchange news or simply send an online greeting card to greet family members and friends on special occasions. People have lost the sense of personal touch while communicating with family and friends. The art of writing letters is slowly becoming obsolete as people now prefer communicating with each other at the click of a button.

Sending or receiving a letter can have a very significant meaning and provide a personal touch to the communication between two people. Nothing compares to the sheer pleasure of holding a letter, and thinking fondly about the sender with love and tenderness.  The art of writing a letter can prove to be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience for both the sender and the receiver. Words, when expressed on paper and sent to someone special with love, can bring immense satisfaction to both the sender and receiver.

Writing a letter on a simple plain paper is now passé. Today, personalized stationary, specifically designed for various occasions are in vogue. Nowadays, one can select from a variety of stationary such as personalized greeting cards and custom designed writing paper. Custom designed stationary add a personal touch to even the most simple note or greeting card. It has a lasting impression on the receiver. Whatever be the occasion, whether it is a happy one or a more serious one, there is a stationary designed to convey just the right message.

These days sending out personalized party invitations, designed specifically to suit the occasion is becoming a fad. Personalized stationary are now being used for almost every occasion such as birth announcements, birthday and graduation parties, anniversaries, weddings and occasions such as Christmas and New Year. Personalized invitations not only lend a touch of creativity but also make the receiver feel special. 

Stylish Ink Stationary is a one-stop shop providing affordable greeting cards, writing paper and other stationery products. It also provides customized gifts such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and tote bags.

Located in New Jersey, Stylish Ink Stationary offers hand painted cards, with colors and designs to suit every occasion. They offer two different styles- a fold over greeting card and a flat card.  The greeting cards are accompanied by corresponding colored envelopes. Conveying heart-felt thanks is now easy with personalized thank you notes from Stylish Ink Stationary. Whatever be the occasion, Stylish Ink Stationary has just the right kind of card.

Stylish Ink Stationary also offers a line of Black and White greeting cards, enhanced by a black and white checkered border and accompanied with a black and white ribbon.

For anyone interested in a special memento, Stylish Ink Stationary also offers t-shirts available in various sizes and for all ages. The totes and coffee mugs from Stylish Ink Stationary is simply a class apart.



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