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Toyota Vacaville
500 Orange Dr.
Vacaville, California 95687
Phone: (707) 446-7000
Buying a New Car - Important Steps to Follow

Yesterday you went to a store and bought a new shirt for $50. A simple and routine activity of buying a shirt. Not being aware consciously, you went through different stages of buying. You knew your need, the shirt that will satisfy your need - a casual, formal or a party wear, a rough idea about the price you were willing to pay, the color and design that you like and the right fit for your body. Your purchase went through all these stages.

Now you are about to buy a new car that will cost you $20,000. Neither simple nor routine and you can’t afford to go through the routines without consciously being aware! So, what is it that you have to know before you buy a new car?

Know Your Needs – You are a family man with 3 kids, or you are an eligible bachelor out to impress girls. Different situations, different needs. Decide on what you need in a car. If you want to just travel from point A to point B, or you want to make a style statement with your new car, or you want to carry things from place to place. Each need has different propositions for you. This is the place you will begin.

Draw a Line to Your Maximum Budget – In doing so, don’t forget to account for hidden costs such as insurance, accessories etc. Now your search is for a car that satisfies your needs within a stated budget.

Know Your Priorities in a Car – What is it that is important for you in a car? Is it mileage, cost of maintenance, pick-up and power, looks, environment friendliness, safety features or the brand value? Every manufacturer and every model is known for a particular feature or a set of features. Shortlist your options to those that satisfy your priorities.

Test Drive and More Test Drive – Remember, car dealerships care for you the most, before you buy a car. Insist on test drives until you know which car you are most comfortable driving. Also, remember that your driving experience is influenced by the car you are currently driving. Try and account for it.

Negotiate the Price – There is always room for negotiation with the dealers. Also, be aware that in the guise of offering a great deal on new car price, some dealers may inflate prices on accessories or try and sell you accessories you may not need. Be sure about what you need. Ensure that extended warranty, roadside assistance etc are part of the deal.

Paperwork – Do not sign on anything in a hurry. Try and take a friend along and read all the important documents before signing. Make sure the deal as told orally is mentioned on the paperwork.

Pre-Delivery Inspection – Inspect for any damages, reasonable mileage on the odometer, accessories etc are in place. Be nice to everyone at the showroom (you may need to visit them in future) and drive your priced possession home.

Toyota Vacaville is a Toyota dealer in Vacaville, California, selling new and used Toyota vehicles. The dealership also offers vehicle repair and service. Toyota parts and accessories are also available with the dealer. The dealership helps with arranging for vehicle finance. The website features new and pre-owned vehicles available in the inventory, specials and deals on offer.



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