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Twisted Ribbon Gift Baskets
526 Buckley Street
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Make Someone's Day Memorable by Gifting

It is said that our true age is not the number of days/months/years we lived, but of those days we existed, how many days do we actually remember. The first day at school, the day I received an award in a talent show, the day I graduated and received my graduation certificate, the day I proposed to my lady-love, the day of my wedding, may be the day I had a bitter quarrel with my best friend, so on. Do those days we existed, which we can’t differentiate one from the other, really matter? If you have many such days or events in your life that you remember, wouldn’t it mean you lived an interesting life?

Do you really remember all those days when your boss came up to you and appreciated you for delivering a task on time? Or if you were given an exquisite gift hamper on your birthday with a message that conveyed a big “Thank You”? It isn’t every day that I receive an exquisite gift basket from the company I work for or from my friends or for that matter from my daughter. But whenever I did receive one, it made my day and it will always be remembered by me.

Just as a picture can convey what a thousand words can’t, a thoughtful gesture can convey what a million words can’t. If you are the one that only reels out a train of words and do nothing that really matter, your words are just hollow. Imagine the shock of surprise your old friend will have when visiting him in his sickbed, who once lent you some money when you were going through a rough patch. You will make his day memorable in spite of his sickness and add one more day to his true age, if you top it with a nice gift basket.

Festivals, occasions, birthdays etc would mean nothing if there were no people around. An occasion is just another day that is made different by us, by meeting and greeting one another. One would need a special day to convey to someone that he or she really matter. You convey that to your mother on Mother’s day, to your lover on Valentine’s day and an acquaintance on say Christmas. You convey that someone is special by giving a thoughtful gift, such as a gift basket or a gift hamper. What with the wide variety of such gift options available in the market, one can easily find something that is most likely to be appreciated by the receiver.

Twisted Ribbon is a leading Australian source for gift ideas for over a decade now. Twisted Ribbon features a large variety of gourmet gift baskets, pamper hampers, baby baskets, birthday gifts, and many more. In its large inventory, Twisted Ribbon has a suitable gift for every occasion and event. It will even customise a gift idea, if someone so wishes. Twisted Ribbon delivers gift hampers, gourmet and wine gift hampers Australia wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania.



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