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Keep Up Your Learning Curve Through e-Learning

There is a great demand for e-learning spanning various sectors which is continuing to rise, particularly within the field of sciences and general education. According to global reports, the e-learning industry is estimated to grow more than $ 48 billion by 2014. Thanks to the rise in cutting edge technology and personalised service offerings, the world of e-learning will continue to expand and grow even further over the years.

E-learning refers to the engagement of electronic transmission of data via online media making use of Internet technologies to disseminate knowledge and education to interested learners. By replicating and supplementing the actual procedures that take place where the tutor and students are physically present; e-learning delivers the same material through the electronic form. In a physical setting, tutors or teachers impart knowledge through content curriculum in the form of chapters, assessments, and assignments and deliver education through a prescribed course of study to the set of students present in the physical setting, otherwise known as classroom. On the other hand, the e-learning procedure does not require learners to be present physically, while at the same time efficiently manages and distributes pertinent content to learners, with the help of online technology.

Today, e-learning covers a wide range of online based knowledge that has branched out into various fields and divisions, since the term was first initiated. Initially, e-learning was concerned only with the education of computing software and over a period of time expanded to distance education. In current times, with the help of multiple mediums, e-learning now encompasses a wide range of forms. With the rapid increase of computer accessibility, across the globe and the increased proliferation of the Internet, the different types of e-learning that can be produced and consumed have greatly diversified in various formats.

Rapid advancements in e-learning development tools and technologies have helped to evolve the e-learning industry into a whole new level altogether. Recent advances made by leading vendors such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate has brought in a wider audience as more and more people are demanding better alternatives to the traditional Learning Management Systems software.

The state of the e-learning industry is extremely solid and it can only get better and bigger. Currently, the number of innovations within this field is at an all-time high as futuristic innovations in e-learning tools, LMS platforms, and instructional design services are continuing to evolve. However only the best is likely to survive, as learners and the market are likely to dictate what will be relevant and what will go away.

According to the global market for e-learning, the e-learning industry will further reach over $ 170 billion by 2018 and will strongly contend over conventional learning modes in the near future. Given that the e-learning industry is one of the most swiftly growing sectors in the global education arena, e-learning initiatives are expected to bring the global audience closer together, thanks to its ability to cut down physical training costs and overheads that are otherwise seen in physical settings.

Unlike traditional methods, the e-learning industry has helped in providing additional qualitative benefits in the form of its ubiquitous arrangement -- anywhere, any time learning with accessibility to global instructional resources for utmost skill improvement and administration, across multiple locations.

Despite global meltdowns or low economies, the e-learning market will continue to rise, as seen in the past and will stay strong. The e-learning industry has demonstrated its resilience, in the past; in spite of struggling economic conditions in various countries it continued to thrive worldwide. This is because jobseekers continued to opt for training and learning methods to further their chances of employment and enhance their future prospects.

As more and more users and learners will rapidly adopt growing e-learning solutions, the audience will also diversify further to include people from academic sectors, corporate sectors as well as the general public.

Vivax Solutions provide end-to-end eLearning solutions to students, teachers, educators, IT professionals and anyone interested in broadening their scientific horizons, through the innovative use of online technology. Vivax Solutions has developed specific products to impart instructional learning in the field of Math, Physics and Web Development for curious minds willing to learn and know more.



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