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Birds like parrots, canaries, finches, pigeons, lovebirds, and cockatiels are more popular amongst bird lovers. These birds are calm and would enjoy playing with couple of toys in cage...
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Featured Sites
  • Bird Tricks - Bird Training Tips : Offers training tips and how-to programs with the aid of videos to fix behavior issues of parrots including Macaws, African Grey, Cockatoo and Eclectus, such as biting, screaming and feather plucking.
Site Listings
  • African Love Bird Society : Dedicated to the preservation, exhibition and breeding of the nine species of the genus Agapornis, known as love birds.
  • Parrot and Conure World : Offers a wide range of parrot bird cages, play stands, toys, organic bird food and much more.
  • Parrot Parrot : Resource for information on all birds and parrots.
  • : Comprehensive site for parrot information, pictures, supplies and much more.
  • Toronto Canaries : Featuring information on how to breed healthy pet canaries along with a large collection of canary picture galleries and more.
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