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Burch Family Wines
543 Miamup Rd
Cowaramup WA 6284
Phone: 9336 9600
Let your Wine Speak for the Occasion

Every wine is special and selection of wine solely depends on the personal choice of the host, but the right wine for the right occasion will surely speak a volume! If you are a real wine lover then you may like to get into the details like the make, year of making and type of wine but what matters a lot is the “TASTE” of the wine.

Your choice of wine may depend on factors like the accompanying food, occasion and the guest list. You have unlimited choices but it is really made simple here with the below listing of few fine wines that will make your occasion turn into a real success and your guests would enjoy every bit of it.

Wines that matter

Red Wines
The red wine is the popular wine that goes with almost everything. It is loved during anytime of the day and your guests would not mind having it anyways. If the red wine is to be served with the meals then it can be clubbed with any dish that comprises of lamb, pork or beef. This wonderful creation achieved from blackberry and plum would make your meals heartier and enjoyable.

If you have thought of offering the signature red wine along with the meals to your guests on the special occasions then buy from the range of family wines that brings you Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Rose, Burgundy and Shiraz. Your Italian and Mexican meals will surely be adorned further with the peppery flavor of Shiraz. The choices are plenty and you can explore the endless world of red wines to allow your guests to savor the divine flavor of red wine with the choice of their food.

White Wines
While red wines have their peculiar taste and aroma, white wines have their freshness and neutral self that will go well with just any dish without interfering with its taste. This wine can be offered to the guests on the special occasions when they arrive or even when they want to relax with those present on the occasion.

Your choice for white wine may range from Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays, Riesling, Moscato, Champagne and Muscat to get the best flavor for your special guests. The sparkling white wine will fill in the sparkles to your occasion.

There are several parameters guiding the selection of wine but the main parameter would be the personal choice. You should therefore make sure that you have enough choices ready for your guests as there is no specific rule for having wine and your guests would love the freedom to select their own glass of wine with whatever dish they like.

You can procure your special wine online from the renowned family owned wineries to get that original taste and aroma from the wine of your choice.

Burch Family Wines is the reputed name in the wine industry and it is one of the Western Australia’s largest family-owned wineries. It is known for its elegant and exclusive wine collection that offers the unique regional flavor and aroma. They have established two fully equipped wineries named, Denmark Winery and Margaret River Winery in Western Australia. The wide range of Burch family wines is now available online as well.

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