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Buying electrical and electronic components may seem to be very easy task but it is not always the case. Even if you find the best deal, you need to browse through various options to find the exact fit!
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Featured Sites
  • Chang Yao Halogen Bulbs : Automotive light manufacturer supplying halogen lamp bulbs, halogen bulbs, automotive light bulbs, LED lights, and special bulbs.
  • Evercom Mobile Antennas : Manufacturer of mobile antennas, GSM antenna, CB antenna mount, GPS antennas, and other accessories.
  • Mingxue LED Manufacturer : Manufacturer of LEDs for LED light bar, LED panel light, high power LED, LED ceiling light, and more.
  • Quartz Crystal & Crystal Oscillator : Manufacturer and exporter of quartz crystals, SMD crystal, ceramic resonators and crystal oscillators. These products find application in the field of communication, computer, acoustics, and more.
  • Semiconductors from : Supplies a broad portfolio of semiconductors and integrated circuit (IC) devices.
  • Taitien Electronics - Crystal Manufacturer : Manufacturer of electronic crystal products, including crystal oscillators, quartz crystals, SMD quartz crystals, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, SAW filters, and more.
  • WEIKAI - Taiwan Capacitor Manufacturer Resource : Online resource for Taiwanese electronic component manufacturers including capacitor, resistor, inductor manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.
  • Weikai Technology - Capacitor Manufacturer : Manufacturer of capacitors, resistors, and inductors, including multilayer ceramic capacitors, ferrite chip inductors, SMD high current inductors, precision metal film resitors, chip resistors arrays, and more.
  • WEIKAITECHN Taiwan Capacitor Manufacturers : Features list of capacitor, resistor and inductor manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Taiwan. Includes company profile, product specifications & images, and company videos.
Site Listings
  • : Specialized in fiber optic tool kits, assemblies and test equipments.
  • Analysis Tech : Manufacturer of semiconductor thermal resistance testers and solder joint reliability testers.
  • Bel Fuse : Designs, manufactures and markets magnetic components, fuses, delay lines and thick film hybrids.
  • Camsco Electric : Manufacturer of electrical panel control components, industrial plugs, sockets, AC solenoids, buzzers and other power and electromechanical components.
  • Custom Transformers Limited : Specialises in the design and manufacture of transformers and wound components.
  • Dearborn Electronics : Capacitor manufacturer of film, paper, power, high voltage capacitors and EMI filters for the electronics industry.
  • Dove Electronic Components : Specialized in the distribution of crystals, oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, VCOs. VCTCXOs, OCXOs, programmable oscillators, SAW filters and GPS oscillators.
  • : Manufacturer, exporters and whole sale supplier of precision machined components for automotive and general engineering applications.
  • KOA Speer : Developing a wide range of new smaller sizes and integrated packages to accommodate higher clock speeds and product downsizing.
  • Liquid Level : Manufactures a wide range of liquid level switches and temperature sensors.
  • MMG India : Company focusing on the design, development, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic and electrical products.
  • MMG India : Company focusing on the design, development, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic and electrical products.
  • Omnicor : Supplies a wide range of quality vacuum interrupters for circuit breakers, switches and network testing.
  • RCD Comp : Offering a broad line of standards and custom products at competitive prices.
  • Tusonix : Leading manufacturer of ceramic EMI/RFI electronic components.
  • Wildex Co : Proffessional munufacture in resistor, capactor, inductor, connector, cable and antenna.
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