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Stop Smoking, Start Vaping – Here are the Reasons!

Smoking is injurious to health! This line is not new to anybody who is smoking, still very few would think of quitting it. The addiction to this small stick of tobacco won’t allow the smokers to get rid of this habit even when they know that 9 out of 10 lung cancers are caused due to smoking! The ill-effects of smoking are recognized worldwide and legislations are formed to prohibit smoking at public places and offices. This has given way to vaping or e-smoking. Vaping offers satisfaction just like the normal cigarette but in the form of e-cigarette. These new age electronic cigarettes offer healthier smoking that is free of tar, carbon-monoxide, and tobacco. If this one reason is not enough to switch to vaping, then here are few more reasons that you would like to know!

1. No combustion, no ash!
You would be amazed to know that e-smoking or vaping involves no ash as there is no combustion taking place in the process. This cigarette forms the vapour out of the liquid solution electronically. There is no burning and hence no ash. You won’t be creating a mess around with leftover cigarette butts or ash that overflows from the ashtray. Moreover, you won’t be creating trouble for others who would be irritated to find the ash falling all around.

2. Just the same experience
How about going a healthier way without compromising your experience! E-cigs give you the experience just like conventional cigarette of inhaling, tasting the flavour, and exhaling. Mostly it is the process that gives more pleasure than the boost offered by nicotine present in tobacco. You won’t compromise on the pleasurable process and hence it becomes very easy to quit smoking when you use e-cig.

3. Multiple flavours to enjoy
When you smoke the cigarette there is only one flavour to enjoy, but with e-cigs you will be getting e-liquids in various flavours. There are fruit flavours that attract many smokers, who want to try something different. There are other flavours like vanilla, coffee, clove, and chocolate that would give you variety every time you smoke. However, if you don’t want to quit the fun of tobacco then the popular tobacco flavour is always there.

4. You can decide your nicotine
Yes, it’s true! You can control your nicotine intake by using the e-liquid with different nicotine levels. You can select anything from different nicotine levels to nicotine-free e-cigarettes. There are different nicotine levels like 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 18mg available to help you select your preferred nicotine content.

5. Money saver
Unlike traditional cigarettes, the cost of e-cig won’t change from place to place. It is very reasonably priced and would cost you much lower compared to the traditional cigarette.

There are many reasons to stop smoking and start vaping, however the most important of all is health!

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