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Insurance is nothing but a guarantee towards potential loss to either life or property in the future, in exchange of a small amount of money paid on a periodic basis. The small amount of money, known as the premium, helps to safeguard the financial well-being of an individual or a company. Insurance is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. It is of paramount importance to every individual.

Insurance is a legal contract between the insurer (the party offering the insurance) and the insured (the party taking the insurance).

Uncertainties can strike at any time. At times, certain unforeseen calamities, such as a fatal accident can wipe out the entire savings of a person. In such instances, insurance holds a person in good stead. For instance, home insurance (also called homeowners insurance) can protect the insurer against loss of property in case of any accident, fire, natural calamities or theft. Home insurance also covers expensive items such as electronics, fixtures and jewellery as well as furniture and other belongings.

Travel insurance on the other hand, protects the insurer against any unforeseen expenses while traveling. These may include expenses incurred due to medical emergencies, flight cancellations, and weather conditions or at times, it even covers expenses due to lost or misplaced luggage.

There are two types of car insurance i.e. third-party liability and first-party insurance. While one may or may not opt for first party car insurance, third-party liability is mandatory for anyone who drives a car.

 In case of life insurance, the dependants of the insurer are the main beneficiaries. Life insurance ensures the financial well-being of the dependants of the insurer.

Today, there are several options available to insure almost anyone or anything. From home to car to travel and even pets, one can insure almost everything. The internet has replaced the sole agents of yesteryears who used to go door to door selling insurance policies. The internet now provides a more user-friendly interface to shop for insurance needs. However, with this increased variety comes the uncertainty of which insurance to choose. No matter how careful one is, there are always possibilities of selecting an insurance that is not quite right. It is extremely important not only to choose a reliable insurance company, but also to choose the correct type of insurance policy suited to meet individual needs.

Sainsbury’s Bank Insurance Solutions

Sainsbury’s bank is a one-stop shop that meets all insurance needs. Based in London, UK, it offers insurance against personal properties such as home and car. Sainsbury’s bank also offers pet, travel, and life insurance.  The bank offers exciting offers for their new insurance policies such as a 10% discount on travel insurance policies taken online before a certain date, or a 20% discount on a new home insurance policy taken before a certain date. Their interactive website allows an individual to calculate the premium based on simple questions and facts. Sainsbury’s bank has an excellent customer support team, easily accessible by phone or email; an extremely important aspect of any insurance company.

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