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JAXQuickfit Tyres
Suite B110, 20 Lexington
Drive Norwest Business Park Bella Vista NSW, 2153
Phone: 02 8801 3000
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Inventing the Wheel!

A wheel is the epitome of invention. It has come to represent the ubiquitous quite “Reinventing the wheel”! Perhaps invention of a wheel demarcates the dark ages from the modern time. Even though wheel has such importance, seldom do we stop and reflect about it. Why is that invention of a wheel given such importance? What is the function of a tyre? Why should there be treads on a tyre? What makes a tyre? Just rubber or if there is more to it?

There is no doubt that wheels have put our lives on a fast track and it is getting ever so faster. You find wheels from bicycles to airplanes. Due to a wheel’s uniform distribution of gravitational forces from a concentric centre of gravity and low friction due to its rolling motion, has made it the most effective mode of land transportation. Right from humble bicycle to an airplane, we see wheels covered by tyres. Tyres protect the wheel from wear and tear, while providing a cushion by absorbing shocks. This improves the overall performance, efficiency and longevity.

A tyre is made of natural and synthetic rubber, wires and fabric. Wires and fabric provide reinforcement to the rubber and help it maintain shape and resist wear. Treads on the tyre drain water from its surface and reduce friction, thereby wear and tear. Tread is made of lugs, groves, voids and sipes. Lugs are the elevated part of a tyre that is in contact with the road, grooves are the valleys that run along the length of the tyre and sipes cut across the grooves. Voids are spaces between lugs. Smaller voids help improve the performance, but wear out the tyres fast. Tyres used on racing cars have smaller voids, while in dirt tracks larger voids help drain water effectively.

Tyres we see now are pneumatic tyres. Compressed air inside the tyre provides inflatable cushion. Tyres may or may not come with tubes inside them, which are inserted into the tyre and inflated. Air is blown into the tyres through a valve and is retained by a check valve. A tyre is mounted onto the rim of the wheel. Compressed air helps tyre hold onto the rim firmly.

Today tyre manufacturing is a multi-billion industry, due to the booming economy around the world. There are many large organizations manufacturing tyres, such as Good Year, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone etc. Tyre manufacturing has given vocation to thousands of people growing rubber trees.

JAXQuickfit Tyres is a leading supplier of tyres, wheels and allied services in Australia. JAXQuickfit Tyres was established in 1949. It stocks and supplies tyres from leading brands including, Good Year, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone, and BFGoodrich, to all kinds of vehicles and purposes. JAXQuickfit Tyres undertakes services such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing, suspension servicing, vehicles servicing, as well specialized services such as nitrogen inflation that need less frequent pressure checks. It features eco friendly tyres that offer low rolling resistance, which lead to low fuel consumption and lesser emissions. JAXQuickfit Tyres has stores throughout Australia.

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