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Cambridge Who's Who
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Leadership - The Common Denominator of Success

 “Before you become a leader, success is all about growing you. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
-Jack Welch

Leadership is the ability to inspire or motivate people towards a common goal. A leader is a person who has the ability to influence others. With courage and persistence, leadership is a skill that anyone can develop.

Contrary to what is believed, leadership is not synonymous with power. It is not about wielding power on others or about degrading those who do not follow orders. In fact a good leader displays a great deal of empathy towards his subordinates. A leader has the ability to get along with others, and not let factors such as cast, religion or personal likes and dislikes interfere in his interactions with his team.

Qualities of a True Leader

A true leader is someone who has a passion to take others to the top with them and see them succeed. Confident and compassionate, a true leader is not afraid of competition. A leader can identify the strengths as well as weaknesses in individuals and exploit the same. He/she can overcome the fear of failure and move ahead, regardless. Even the best leaders have faltered and erred but what differentiates them from others is that they use this opportunity to learn from their mistakes and move ahead. True leaders also portray a sense of ownership. They put service ahead of self interest.

If we study the success stories of some of the greatest leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, or Bill Gates, one thing common to all of them is that these leaders had a clear vision and were not afraid of following their vision. They overcame any obstructions and failure and emerged as winners.

A person who wishes to excel in his/her field needs to be extremely focused and possess a crystal clear vision of what needs to be achieved. Further, this vision needs to be shared with the team. Once this vision becomes a passion, success is bound to follow. A person who wishes to excel needs to constantly learn. Leaders are learners. They realize that learning is a continuous process and constantly try to learn from every experience life throws at them.  A leader also learns from the experiences and mistakes of other great leaders.

Cambridge Who's Who Hall of Fame

Cambridge Who's Who is one of the fastest growing businesses and professional resources that aims at acknowledging individuals who have rised to the pinnacle of success in their field. It has become a forum of movers and shakers, throwing open the opportunity for individuals to network with fellow achievers. It is a matter of honor and pride to be included in the Registry, limited only to those individuals who have portrayed exceptional leadership qualities in their field.

Cambridge Who's Who directory with around 200,000 active members from all fields such as healthcare, finance, law, engineering to manufacturing, finds multiple use such as business development, career enhancement and strategic partnerships. The directory contains detailed biographies of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from practically every industry. It lists achievers from the world over with majority members from United States, England and Canada, and highlights members’ education, expertise, and achievements. The registry is distributed exclusively to their members around the world, making it the ideal tool for business networking.



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