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LTA Logistics Inc
P.O. Box 961235
Miami, FL 33296
Phone: 305-408-6224
Fax: 305-408-6840
When Heavy Hauling, Go to a Specialist

If you are asked to pick out one particular word that is responsible for progress and if you answered “Transportation”, you wouldn’t be wrong.  Movement of men and material around the world has transformed this world from the stone-age to the world of 21st Century. Without transportation, there is no exchange of trade, knowledge, skills or materials. Kids may perhaps be playing with diamonds in Kimberly, while people continued to live in poverty on top of oceans of oil buried underneath in Middle East Asia. Transportation facilitates movement of goods from places of surplus to places of scarcity, from places of production to places of consumption and in this process unlocking the value. It is not for nothing that roads are called the lifeline of an economy. What was once only surface transportation, mostly within a country, evolved into air and water transportation, making the world truly a global village.

With modernization, items that needed to be transported became bigger and more complex. Before highrises were built, for example, we never realized the need to carry an item as huge as a bulldozer or a tower crane. After boats gave way to huge ships, we felt the need to move the ship from shipyard to a port. After we got used to the idea of importing exotic flowers from their native countries to the heart of LA, we knew we come to depend on refrigerated transportation and storage. The transportation requirements became as varied as the items that needed to be transported.

There are companies that specialize in transporting items that won’t fit in an ordinary truck or a container. Moving an item from one place to another is only a part of the process. Loading the equipment, sometimes dismantling it carefully, abiding by applicable laws while transporting, unloading etc, form a major chunk of the process and can only be handled by specialists.

LTA Logistics is a trucking company that specializes in oversize or over dimensional shipments throughout the United States and Canada, as well as international shipping. LTA Logistics has access to trucks and trailers that can transport every kind of oversize equipment or machines. Whether it is full truckload or LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping, LTA Logistics can handle both. Specialists at LTA Logistics also take care of special permits issued by various governmental agencies and municipalities through which shipment will move.

LTA Logistics can offer flatbed trucks for hauling long, oversized, or wide load. Without the sides or roof, flatbed trucks lend themselves easily for loading and unloading oversized equipment. Frozen foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other perishable items are transported in special refrigerated containers. The military perhaps demands largest need for transporting large items as well as commodities in bulk. And they have to be transported with “military precision”. LTA Logistics has demonstrated their expertise in fulfilling this obligation to full satisfaction. Besides, LTA Logistics also specializes in trade show trucking and auto transport. On their official website,, one can get a quick quote by filling out a few details in a form. When a need is special, it makes sense to go to a specialist.

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