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Get the Right Prepaid Card You Always Wanted

A credit card or a debit card is a wonderful way to shop or travel. Be it for simple grocery shopping, or more exotic shopping such as jewelry, holidays or electronics, there is nothing easier than simply swiping a card to pay for the goods and services one has bought. Plastic money, as it is referred to, saves one from the hassle of carrying a bundle of cash around, which can prove to be risky, as well as cumbersome. A credit card or debit card, an excellent alternative to cash, allows one to pay online bills, make purchases, withdraw cash at ATMs, and lot more. Most credit card companies accept applications for cards at the click of a mouse. However, for those who do not have a good credit history, obtaining a credit card can be difficult. Also, obtaining a debit card for those who do not have a checking account could also prove to be difficult.

The next best alternative is a prepaid card. Prepaid cards, normally referred to as prepaid credit cards, function more like debit cards than credit cards. Whereas credit cards work on extended lines of credit to cardholders, a prepaid card allows the card holder to spend only as much money as is loaded on the card. One needs to deposit a certain amount of money into the prepaid card account, and then draw on those funds as one makes purchases on the card. Prepaid cards are safer than carrying cash, and also enables one to make purchases anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. With a prepaid card, one can also withdraw cash at ATMs, and once the funds on the card get depleted, one can simply refill the card with the desired amount. Prepaid cards are an excellent alternative for those who are impulsive shoppers as one can restrict the amount of money that is loaded on the card. It encourages one to budget and limit oneself to a predefined amount.

There is a wide array of prepaid card available these days. Prepaid101 is a unique site, designed to help people choose from a wide array of prepaid cards. This site allows you to compare the unique features of Master or Visa prepaid cards. The tabulated comparison lists all the features and benefits of the selected cards, making it easy for you to take a decision. One can also make use of the online calculator, by filling in details such as approximate monthly spending, ATM withdrawals, loan repayments, bill payments etc to find the card that best fits one’s needs.

The site allows filtering the search by certain criteria such as ‘Ratings’, ‘Monthly Fee’ etc. And for those who have preferences between Master and Visa, there is an option that allows one to search on basis of the company as well. The Review section on the site allows you to check out the ratings, key features, consumer reviews, and services offered by various cards. is a site designed keeping its customers’ in mind. This unique site is a must for all those who wish to get a prepaid card.



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