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Overcome the Shortcomings of Being on a Wheelchair with Hi-Tech Wheelchair Lifts

Being wheelchair bound or dependent on mobility scooter is sometimes too challenging and that can be understood only by those who are disabled. The difficulties faced by the disabled or wheelchair bound are now addressed efficiently by the specially designed wheelchair lifts that can remove all the barriers from the way of the wheelchair to make life easier.

Much talked about wheelchair lifts come in different designs and models to suit the varied requirements of the users. Some forms of these lifts are given here to steer you through the available choices and make the right selection in the process.

Different Types of Wheelchair Lifts

Vehicle Lifts
The purpose of the vehicle lift is either to lift the wheelchair at the back side of the vehicle or to lift the wheelchair and let the person slide to the seat.
The one used for carrying the wheelchair would lift the wheelchair and fix it to the backside of the vehicle. It is the perfect pick for travelling. The electric wheelchairs that are quite heavy may not be easy to take onto the vehicle but with the help of the lift, it becomes easy and comfortable.
Another vehicle lift would lift the wheelchair and let the chair slide into the vehicle besides the seat. The larger vehicles usually have enough space to accommodate an extra wheelchair besides the company fitted seats.

Platform Lifts
These lifts are popular in offices and multi-level homes. The platform is placed at one place in the house and the wheelchair can conveniently slide on to this platform to be taken up to various levels. By placing the platform lift in the house, one can avoid bulky ramps and stair lifts. The mobility provided by this lift is sufficient enough to take the wheelchair from one level of the house to another. One can rely on this lift for mobility at home.

Stair Lifts
Stair lifts are used for the movements of the wheelchair inside the house. These stair lifts are placed around the house and one may need to press just one button to reach to various levels inside the house. The mechanism of this lift is quite simple and it can be placed along the flights of the stair. You may require wider stairs to place a track for the stair lift.

Outside Lifts
Outside lifts are no different from the platform lifts but they are provided without any protective boundaries as main use of this lift is to elevate the chair to very small heights and probably one to two feet above the ground level. These types of lifts are used for decks and porches.

Choosing the right lift for right purpose may almost remove your problems with wheelchair and you would enjoy the freedom of moving around unattended.

Vertical Access is an established name in the field of cargo and wheelchair lifts. The company specializes in building and installing the wheelchair lifts according to the requirements of the clients. Their established network of service team is always ready to offer maintenance and repair support to the clients located across the boundaries. With years of experience, Vertical Access has become synonymous with wheelchair access!

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